MLB July 12th Selections

Oakland(Cahill) at Houston(Morton)

The Pick: Oakland(+185)

It should be Houston, Cahill a bit of a wildcard and Oak seems to have Houston’s number so I will stay away here.


Arizona(Ray) at Colorado(Freeland)

The Pick: Colorado(+102)

Ari might be the better team, but I like Freeman at home.


Philadelphia(Pivetta) at Baltimore(Gausman)

The Pick: Baltimore(-105)

Flip a coin here, I actually kind of like Gausman here v K prone Phillies.


Milwaukee(Miley) at Pittsburgh(Taillon)

The Pick: Milwaukee(+119)

Taillon has not gotten nay breaks this year, so I will ride Miley and the Brewers.


Toronto(Happ) at Boston(Price)

The Pick: Toronto(+155)

Boston should likely be favoured, but Price has been off enough I will go with the Toronto bats and all-star Happ here.


NY Yankees(Severino) at Cleveland(Kluber)

The Pick: Cleveland(+105)

Flip a coin here, I will go with Cleveland at home and hope they didn’t burn up the bats yesterday.


Washington(Scherzer) at NY Mets(Matz)

The Pick: Washington(-210)

Matz has been on a mini-roll of late, but draws a bad matchup v Scherzer.


Tampa Bay(Snell) at Minnesota(Gibson)

The Pick: Tampa Bay(-115)

I like Gibson at home v TB, however he gets a bad matchup as Snell should be on the All-Star team.


LA Dodgers(Stripling) at San Diego(T.Ross)

The Pick: LA Dodgers(-190)

LA has to be favoured here, but nothing seems to come easy v the Padres.


Seattle(Paxton) at LA Angels(Skaggs)

The Pick: LA Angels(-105)

Tough call, LA actually has the SP edge here, but it could go either way.


Yesterday: 5-10 and down 4.68 units
This Month: 71-80 and down 17.25 units
Season: 688-610 and down 30.08 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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MLB July 11th Selections

Detroit(Zimmermann) at Tampa Bay(H.Wood)

The Pick: Detroit(+143)

Z-Man should continue his roll v Tampa Bay.


Washington(G.Gonzalez) at Pittsburgh(T.Williams)

The Pick: Pittsburgh(+127)

Gonzalez has been wobb;y so I will stay away here.


Kansas City(B.Smith) at Minnesota(Lynn)

The Pick: Kansas City(+190)

Smith is a wildcard so you want go with Lynn and the Twins at home, but the line is silly.


Chicago Cubs(M.Montgomery) at San Francisco(Cueto)

The Pick: San Francisco(+110)

Tough call, will go with the Giants at home.


Texas(Colon) at Boston(Sale)

The Pick: Texas(+300)

Colon draws a bad matchup here, but I will go with him anyway as the line is silly.


NY Yankees(S.Gray) at Baltimore(Bundy)

The Pick: Baltimore(+132)

Bal has the momentum and a slight SP edge at home.


Cincinnati(Mahle) at Cleveland(Carrasco)

The Pick: Cincinnati(+180)

Reds have the momentum so I will ride them for now.


Philadelphia(Velasquez) at NY Mets(deGrom)

The Pick: Philadelphia(+145)

Mets are ice cold so I will go with the Phillies, but it is hard to go against deGrom here.


Milwaukee(F.Peralta) at Miami(Straily)

The Pick: Milwaukee(-170)

Brewers should be favoured here but it is never easy playing in Miami.


Toronto(Gaviglio) at Atlanta(Foltynewicz)

The Pick: Toronto(+141)

Jays bats are hot, can Foltynewicz slow them down.


St Louis(Weaver) at Chicago White Sox(Rodon)

The Pick: St Louis(-150)

This isn’t a gimmie, but I like the Cards behind Weaver here.


Oakland(Bassitt) at Houston(McCullers Jr)

The Pick: Oakland(+210)

Houston should be favoured but I will continue to avoid the big line.


Arizona(Miller) at Colorado(Marquez)

The Pick: Colorado(-130)

Have to stay away from Miller for now.


Seattle(M.Gonzales) at LA Angels(Barria)

The Pick: Seattle(+105)

I like the Mariners to bounce back behind Gonzales.


LA Dodgers(Maeda) at San Diego(Lucchesi)

The Pick: San Diego(+140)

SP is a wash, so I will go with the Padres who have the momentum.

Last Night: 6-9 and down 4.83 units
This Month: 66-70 and down 12.57 units
Season: 683-600 and down 25.4 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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FIFA World Cup July 11th Selection

Croatia(+255) vs England(+105)

The Pick: Croata(+255)

Don’t be fooled by the lines, England is overbet here and I don’t believe should be considered the favourite. Certainly they have a chance if they get their tactics right and have a good start to the match, and indeed this could very well go to penalties, but that said this is the last chance this Croatian group will have as a team and I don’t think they will squander it.


Yesterday: 1-0 and up 1.4 units
Tournament: 32-28 and up 2.97 units

Enjoy the game everybody!

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MLB July 10th Selections

NY Yankees(Tanaka) at Baltimore(Cashner)

The Pick: NY Yankees(-220)

Yanks should be favoured, but this isn’t a gimmie.


Washington(Hellickson) at Pittsburgh(Musgrove)

The Pick: Washington(-110)

Flip a coin here, I will give the Nats a slight edge on SP.


Texas(Gallardo) at Boston(Velazquez)

The Pick: Texas(+178)

You want to go with the Sox at home v the scuffling Gallardo, but the line is too much to swallow on a wildcard starter for the Sox.


Cincinnati(Romano) at Cleveland(Bauer)

The Pick: Cincinnati(+205)

Tribe should get this done at home, but I will stay away from the big line.


Philadelphia(E. De Los Santos) at NY Mets(Gagnon)

The Pick: NY Mets(+120)

Your guess is as good as mine, two wildcards are on the hill, I will go with the Mets at home.


Milwaukee(Chacin) at Miami(P.Lopez)

The Pick: Milwaukee(-135)

I like the Brewers here, Chacin has been marginally better on the road than at home.


Detroit(M.Boyd) at Tampa Bay(Stanek)

The Pick: Tampa Bay(-165)

This one is only for the die-hards, I will go with TB at home.


Toronto(Stroman) at Atlanta(Teheran)

The Pick: Atlanta(-128)

Stroman appears lost at the moment, so I will go with the Braves at home without much enthuisiasm.


St Louis(Mikolas) at Chicago White Sox(Covey)

The Pick: St Louis(-170)

Cards should get this done behind Mikolas


Kansas City(Kennedy) at Minnesota(Slegers)

The Pick: Minnesota(-180)

Min has the SP edge but Slegers still a bit of a wildcard.


Oakland(Manaea) at Houston(Verlander)

The Pick: Oakland(+190)

Houston should bounce back, but I am going to avoid the big line.


Arizona(Corbin) at Colorado(T.Anderson)

The Pick: Colorado(-105)

Flip a coin here, Coors games can always be crazy, will go with the Rockies at home.


Chicago Cubs(Quintana) at San Francisco(Cueto)

The Pick: San Francisco(+100)

Giants have the SP edge at home, but the Cubs bats can strike at any time.


Seattle(Leake) at LA Angels(G.Richards)

The Pick: LA Angels(-145)

Leake is improving, but Angels still have the edge here.


LA Dodgers(R.Hill) at San Diego(Lauer)

The Pick: LA Dodgers(-155)

Dodgers have the edge, but this isn’t a gimmie.


Yesterday: 5-8 and down 4.44 units
This Month: 60-61 and down 7.74 units
Season: 677-591 and down 20.57 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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FIFA World Cup July 10th Selections

France(+140) vs Belgium(+180)

The Pick: France(+140)

This is a very tough call, Belgium will not be intimidated here and it may well go all the way to penalty kicks, but I think the French have too much depth for the Belgians to deal with and they will advance.


Saturday: 2-0 and up 2 units
Tournament: 31-28 and up 1.57 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB July 9th Selections

NY Yankees(Sabathia) at Baltimore(G1)(Yacabonis)

The Pick: NY Yankees(-230)

Hate the line, Yanks have to be favoured here behind Sabathia.


Philadelphia(Eflin) at NY Mets(G1)(Wheeler)

The Pick: Philadelphia(-109)

Flip a coin here, Phillies have a slight SP edge but will the bats show up? Wheeler has been solid, not great of late.


Washington(J.Rodriguez) at Pittsburgh(Nova)

The Pick: Pittsburgh(+100)

SP is very ugly, I will go with Pit as a home dog.


The Pick: NY Yankees(Cessa) at Baltimore(G2)(Y.Ramirez)

The Pick: Baltimore(+205)

Hard to pick the O’s here, but they do have the SP edge in Game 2.


Texas(Minor) at Boston(B.Johnson)

The Pick: Texas(+180)

I actually like Johnson in this spot, but the line is silly.


Cincinnati(DeSclafani) at Cleveland(Clevinger)

The Pick: Cleveland(-185)

This might be closer than you think, give the Tribe the edge at home.


Milwaukee(Ch.Anderson) at Miami(Urena)

The Pick: Milwaukee(-135)

Not a gimmie, but I like Anderson in this spot.


Detroit(Liriano) at Tampa Bay(Archer)

The Pick: Detroit(+180)

Archer is a wildcard, so I will stay away for now.


Philadelphia(Nola) at NY Mets(G2)(Oswalt)

The Pick: Philadelphia(-175)

Philly has the big SP edge here.


Kansas City(Duffy) at Minnesota(Berrios)

The Pick: Minnesota(-210)

Twins have the big SP edge here.


Oakland(Montas) at Houston(G.Cole)

The Pick: Oakland(+215)

Astros should be favoured but this isn’t a gimmie. So I will avoid the big line.


LA Dodgers(Kershaw) at San Diego(Perdomo)

The Pick: San Diego(+215)

Dodgers have to be favoured behind Kershaw but the line is silly.


Chicago Cubs(Hendricks) at San Francisco(Suarez)

The Pick: San Francisco(-115)

Never a gimmie v the Cubs, but they don’t like LHSP’s and Suarez has pitched his way into a regular rotation spot.


Yesterday: 10-5 and up 5.58 units
This Month: 55-53 and down 3.3 units
Season: 672-583 and down 16.13 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB July 8th Selections

Yankees(German) at Toronto(Borucki)

The Pick: Toronto(+140)

Give the Jays the edge at home.


Oakland(B.Anderson) at Cleveland(Bieber)

The Pick: Cleveland(-180)

Not a gimmie, but give the Tribe the edge at home.


Texas(Bibens-Dirkx) at Detroit(M.Fulmer)

The Pick: Detroit(-115)

Fulmer give the Tigers a slight edge at home.


Tampa Bay(Eovaldi) at NY Mets(Flexen)

The Pick: Tampa Bay(-137)

I like Eovaldi here against a meh Mets lineup and a spot starter on the hill.


Miami(T.Richards) at Washington(Roark)

The Pick: Miami(+170)

SP is ugly, Roark seems to be cursed so I will stay away from the big line.


Philadelphia(D.Anderson) at Pittsburgh(Kingham)

The Pick: Pittsburgh(-118)

Pittsburgh has the edge here v a spot starter.


Atlanta(Newcomb) at Milwaukee(Guerra)

The Pick: Milwaukee(-123)

Tough call, Atlanta the better team but Brewers have the SP edge at home.


Baltimore(Cobb) at Minnesota(Odorizzi)

The Pick: Minnesota(-170)

Not much in this, Odorizzi is mediocre at best but at least is a K machine of a sort, plus he draws the weak O’s and a weaker mound opponent.


Chicago White Sox(Giolito) at Houston(Keuchel)

The Pick: Chicago White Sox(+260)

No real reason to go near Giolito here, but the line is silly.


Boston(Porcello) at Kansas City(Junis)

The Pick: Kansas City(+205)

It should be Boston, they won’t likely get 15 again though so this line is silly.

Cincinnati(L.Castillo) at Chicago Cubs(Lester)

The Pick: Chicago Cubs(-145)

This isn’t a gimmie, but Cubs should be favoured at home.


St Louis(Flaherty) at San Francisco(Bumgarner)

The Pick: San Francisco(-136)

This will be fun, I have to go with Bum at home.


Colorado(Senzatela) at Seattle(LeBlanc)

The Pick: Seattle(-141)

I like Seattle at home behind LeBlanc v a mediocre-on-the-road Rockies team.


San Diego(C.Richard) at Arizona(Greinke)

The Pick: San Diego(+170)

You want to take Ari here, but I am a little leery after they hung 20 on the board last night…Richards gives SD a chance at least.


LA Dodgers(A.Wood) at LA Angels(Heaney)

The Pick: LA Angels(+113)

Nothing in this one, will go with the Angels at home.


Yesterday: 7-8 and down 0.3 units
This Month: 45-48 and down 8.88 units
Season: 662-578 and down 21.71 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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