NHL October 14th Selections

Toronto at Montreal

The Pick: Toronto(-105)

Coin flip game, Habs have had a hex on Toronto, but are not scoring goals much, Toronto is scoring but giving them up as well.


St Louis at Tampa Bay

The Pick: Tampa Bay(-140)

Neither team playing much defense, will go with TB at home, but without much confidence.


New Jersey at NY Rangers

The Pick: New Jersey(+135)

Coin flip game, New Jersey is the better team at the moment, don’t be fooled by the last game, Was can make a lot of teams look bad.


Washington at Philadelphia

The Pick: Washington(+105)

Hot Caps should roll on here, Philly has been giving up as many goals as they have been scoring.


Florida at Pittsburgh

The Pick: Florida(+145)

Line is too high for me considering this is a coin flip game, give Pit a slight edge at home, but not that much.


Carolina at Winnipeg

The Pick: Winnipeg(-120)

Tough call, I will go with the Jets at home over the rested ‘Canes.


Colorado at Dallas

The Pick: Colorado(+175)

Line is silly condsidering Dallas hasn’t figured it out on offense yet.


Columbus at Minnesota

The Pick: Columbus(-105)

Wild have never lost a home opener, but are beat up enough this could well be the first.


Nashville at Chicago

The Pick: Chicago(-140)

Hawks should get this done at home.


Boston at Arizona

The Pick: Boston(-115)

Ari might be the cure for what ails Boston, they are having goaltending and defensive issues.


Ottawa at Edmonton

The Pick: Ottawa(+170)

This will be fun, going to ride the hot Sens as Edm has been oddly shaky thus far.


Calgary at Vancouver

The Pick: Calgary(-115)

I like the Flames to bounce back after a brutal outing last night, Canucks are really struggling.


Buffalo at Los Angeles

The Pick: Los Angeles(-185)

Line is high, but Kings should get this done at home v struggling Sabres


NY Islanders at San Jose

The Pick: San Jose(-130)

Tough call, will go with the Sharks at home as the Isles havn’t figured it out yet.

Last Night: 1-4 and down 4 units
Season: 30-32 and down 10.15 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am a 50 year old resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but I am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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