NCAA Football September 16th Selections

Air Force at Michigan -24.5

The Pick: Air Force +24.5

I don’t trust Michigan to cover v the Air Force option attack, but they should get this done the ugly way


Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh 14

The Pick: Oklahoma State -14

State should cruise here as Pitt won’t have the answers this time around to keep up


Notre Dame at Boston College 13.5

The Pick: Notre Dame -13.5

Blast off time for the Irish, as the BC offence won’t get healthy against the Irish D and BC’s good D will wear down late


UCLA at Memphis 3

The Pick: Memphis +3

A very bad matchup for the Bruins: any early east coast start against a team with a good running attack, this time the coming from behind thing won’t work


Northern Illinois at Nebraska -14

The Pick: Northern Illinois +14

Nebraska gets this done at home, only because UNI can’t seem to stop shooting itself in the foot


Lousiniana-Lafayette at Texas A&M -23.5

The Pick: Lousiniana-Lafayette +23.5

ULL has the offence to hang with anybody, so unless A&M takes the air out of the ball by running it ot death, which I don’t see happening, I don’t like the cover, but A&M should get the win


Iowa State at Akron 9.5

The Pick: Iowa State -9.5

State may come out a tad flat after the tough loss last week, but give them a quarter to get going and Akron won’t have the answers once they start to roll


UConn at Virginia -10.5

The Pick: Virginia -10.5


Tough call, but the Cavs have enough pass offence to get this done v shaky Husky secondary


Baylor at Duke -14

The Pick: Duke -14

I am in show me mode with Baylor right now, Duke might be a tad overrated, but it won’t look like it here


Coastal Carolina at UAB 2

The Pick: Coastal Carolina +2

UAB will be jacked up in its return home opener, but they haven’t found their offence yet, Carolina has


Kansas at Ohio -7.5

The Pick: Ohio -7.5

Haven’t seen anything from KU to make me think that they can beat this spread, Ohio is better than CMU, that just beat Kansas in Lawrence last week


Utah State at Wake Forest -13.5

The Pick: Utah State +13.5

This will be a game for the QB’s, Wake should get this done but the cover is very dicey


Clemson at Louisville 3

The Pick: Clemson -3

Clemson will get this done with defense as QB Jackson won’t get the chance to go off


Wisconsin at BYU 15.5

The Pick: BYU +15.5

This will be ugly, Whsky should grind out a win but I don’t like the double digit road cover v this defense


Virginia Tech at East Carolina 21

The Pick: Virginia Tech -21

Tech should cruise, but the Pirate passing game might cause problems early, if they can stop turning it over they might even hang around


Tennessee at Florida -5.5

The Pick: Tennessee +5.5

This will be UGLY, Fla should grind out another win, don’t look for much offence


SMU at TCU -18.5

The Pick: TCU -18.5

TCU can almost call its hot here, SMU has some offence, but it hasn’t seen the likes of the TCU D yet


Central Michigan at Syracuse -10.5

The Pick: Central Michigan +10.5

This most likely will be a shootout so I don’t like the cover, but the Orange should have enough to get this done at the dome


North Carolina at Old Dominion 7.5

The Pick: North Carolina -7.5

ODU can scare UNC with the passing game, but in the end I don’t think they have the chops to steal this one


Middle Tennessee at \Minnesota -10.5

The Pick: Middle Tennessee +10.5

Not sure enough about either team to bite on a double digit cover, but Minny should have the edge at home


Florida International at Indiana -25

cancelled due to Hurriicane Irma


North Texas at Iowa -21.5

The Pick: Iowa -21.5

The Mean Green offence won’t be on the field enough as Iowa should run all over North Texas


Purdue at Missouri -7.5

The Pick: Purdue +7.5

This will be a whole lot of fun as neither team plays defense, but Purdue is slighty better equipped to win a shootout, I like them to steal this one


Army at Ohio State -30.5

The Pick: Army +30.5

My Gut tells me OSU will come out a tad flat after the big game last week, but they should get the win late as Army’s D will wear down and they won’t be able to run it all that well v OSU’s interior D


Oregon State at Washington State -21.5

The Pick: Oregon State +21.5

Wazzu gets this done, but the cover might be too much to ask given neither team plays much D


Tulane at Oklahoma -34

The Pick: Tulane +34

The potential is there for OU to come out a tad flat after the huge win last week, so I don’t like the cover, but the Sooner win should not be an issue


Kent State at Marshall -14.5

The Pick: Marshall -14.5

Kent St hasn’t shown it can stay on the field v FBS opposition


Colorado State at Alabama -28.5

The Pick: Alabama -28.5

CSU is potentially dangerous if ‘Bama is off, but they just don’t have the weapons to keep up with the Tide if they are on full throttle


LSU at Mississippi State 7

The Pick: LSU – 7

Really tough call here, a lot of unknowns with both these teams, but given the track record of the two teams games against each other I like LSU to get this done ugly, but it could go either way


Louisiana Tech at Western Kentucky -7

The Pick: Louisiana Tech +7

Both teams struggling, if Tech cxan stop turning it over they have the offence to get this done outright


Southern Mississippi at Louisiana-Monroe 6.5

The Pick: Southern Mississippi -6.5

ULM is plucky, but doesn’t have the chops to hang with the Southern Miss offense


Tulsa at Toledo -10

The Pick: Tulsa +10

Tough call, I don’t like the cover, but I think Toledo gets it done at home


Appalachian State at Texas State 24

The Pick: Appalachian State -24

This cover will be close, but App State is here Texas State is trying to get to at this point


Idaho at Western Michigan -20.5

The Pick: Western Michigan -20.5

WMU can call its shot here, the Vandels won’t have the answers on defence


Oregon at Wyoming 14

The Pick: Oregon -14

Cowboys haven’t shown enough to make me think they can beat this spread, Oregon just needs to stay focused, unlike last week when they almost choked


Georgia State at Penn State -38.5

The Pick: Georgia State +38.5

Georgia won’t be in awe after the trip to Camp Randall last year and will do just enough to beat the spread, but Penn should cruise otherwise


Kansas State at Vanderbilt 4

The Pick: Kansas State -4

Tough call, hard to read both teams when they are beating up cupcakes, Vandy should hang around but you have to favour K-State in the end


Bowling Green at Northwestern -21.5

The Pick: Bowling Green +21.5

Don’t know what to make of either team really, can’t trust NW to cover this big of a line, but give them a slight edge at home


Kentucky at South Carolina -6.5

The Pick: South Carolina -6.5

This will be ugly, SC has just enough D to barely cover this


Georgia Tech at Central Florida 3

ppd due to Hurricane Irma


Cincinnati at Miami(OH) -4.5

The Pick: Cincinnati +4.5

This will be ugly, but the Redhawks aren’t quite ready for the big boys just yet


Rice at Houston -22.5

The Pick: Houston -22.5

Local darbies can always be dangerous, but in Houston’s case not that dangerous


Troy at New Mexico State 7

The Pick: New Mexico State +7

This has shootout written all over it, given the way NMS has been playing, I don’t like Troy to cover this, but I think they will do jus enough to eke out the road win


Arizona State at Texas Tech -7.5

The Pick: Texas Tech -7.5

This will most likey be a shootout/lsat possession wins kind of game, Tech is better equipped for that


Texas at USC -15

The Pick: Texas +15

The ‘Horns will be jacked up for this one, but assuming Darnold doesn’t throw a ton of picks I think the Trojans get this done at home, by about a TD


Fresno State at Washington -33

The Pick: Fresno State +33

Huskies won’t want to beat up a former coach of theirs, so Fresno will barely beat the spread


San Jose State at Utah -27

The Pick: San Jose State +27

Utes will grind out the game on the ground, so I don’t like the cover, but the win should not be an issue


Stanford at San Diego State 9.5

The Pick: Stanford -9.5

Cardinal will be in a bad mood after last week, SD State will hang around for awhile but Stanford does what SD State does on offence, only much better


Mississippi at California 3.5

The Pick: California +3.5

At home Cal will be able to fend off Shea Patterson, barely

Last Night: 2-1
Season: 50-43-2 and up 2.7 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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