MLB July 30th Selections

NYY(Jordan Montgomery)(-165) – Yanks have to be favoured here, but Faria pitching well enough that it is not a gimmie

Tor(Valdez)(-131) – coin flip game, Valdez was solid first time out so I will ride the Jays to beat the sweep

Det(Verlander)(+124) – tough call, Hou is the better team but McCullers has been struggling although he likes pitching v Tigers, I will go with Verlander as a rare home dog

Mia(Straily)(-126) – Mia should finish off the sweep here, both SP traded for each other is a bit of a wild card

Bos(Pomeranz)(-162) – this might be closer than you think as Hammel has been better than his numbers, but Bos should be favoured, line is high though

Atl(Dickey)(-101) – no real idea here, Dickey beat Phi earlier this year, but is coming off of a bad outing, Velasquez is struggling also

Col(Freeland)(G1)(-101) – Fedde is a wild card in his MLB debut, so I will go with Col in Game 1

Mil(Davies)(+111) – tough call, Lackey has been improving, but I like the Brewers behind Lackey here

Cle(Tomlin)(-195) – Cle should complete the sweep, Rodon really struggling although he has good numbers v Cle

Stl(Lynn)(-118) – coin flip game, give a slight edge to the Cards at home behind Lynn, but they need to get the bats goingè

Tex(Perez)(-126) – Rangers should get this done at home, Miley has been brutal of late

Min(Colon)(+165) – tough call, Min is the better team but SP favours Oak, line is too high for my taste given how shaky Oak is

NYM(Lugo)(+190) – do not quite get this line, Sea should be favoured at home, but the line is out of whack, Lugo has been solid lately

Pit(Gerrit Cole)(-170) – line is overblown given how cold Pit has been, but Pit should have a slight edge on SP although Richard always gives the Pads a chance

Was(Edwin Jackson)(G2)(+105) – coin flip game, Was unikely to drop both games at home, so I will give them a slight edge in Game 2

SF(Bumgarner)(+242) – of course LA should be favoured, but with the issues Ryu has had the line is stupid

Yesterday: 6-9 and down 4.32 units
This Month: 169-151 and up 1.98 units
Season: 709-692 and down 69.67 units

Enjoy the games everybody!



About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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