MLB May 27th Selections

NYY(Sabathia)(-152) – Yanks should get this done behind Sabathia

Tex(Darvish)(-110) – SP slightly favours Tex, will both Tulo and Donaldson sitting I will ride the Rangers here

TB(Odorizzi)(-110) – coin flip game, TB has the momentum so I will ride them here

Bos(Brian Johnson)(-152) – both SP`s are wildcards so I will go with Bos at home in a coin flip kind of game

Was(Strasburg)(-240) – Richard gives SD a chance, but Was has to be favoured at home

Phi(Eickhoff)(-125) – this won`t be pretty, give Phi a slight edge at home in a coin flip

KC(Vargas)(+163) – both SP`s are shaky so this line is out of whack, let`s see if KC can keep the bats going

Ari(Greinke)(-130) – Ari should roll on behind Greinke v struggling Brewers

LAA(JC Ramirez)(-125) – LA should be favoured here, but Mia`s new lineup is a wild card

Hou(Keuchel)(-190) – line is overcooked as Keuchel is a wild card coming off of the DL, but I do like Hou at home here

LAD(McCarthy)(-110) – Dodgers should roll on behind McCarthy

Pit(Gerrit Cole)(-135) – SP is a wash, give Pit a slight edge at home, but this is a coin flip

Stl(Wainwright)(+100) – tough call, Coors games can be crazy but Wainwright seems to love it there

SF(Blach)(-128) – this will be closer than you might think, but I give the Giants a slight edge at home behind Blach

Note: Staying away from the Det-CHW twin bill as there is confusion about the pitching

Yesterday: 10-4(Det pick voided due to SP change) and up 5.35 units
This Month: 168-127 and up 19.77 units
Season: 343-316 and down 31.99 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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