MLB May 21st Selections

Col(Freeland)(-110) – Rockies should have the edge behind Freeland

LAA(Chavez)(-105) – Mets unlikely to get the sweep given their pitching mess at the moment

TB(Archer)(-140) – Sabathia gives NYY a chance, but I actually like TB to get the unlikely sweep behind Archer

Bal(Miley)(-115) – not much in this, Bal is the hot team so I will ride them here

Atl(Garcia)(+160) – you want to take Was behind Strasburg, but their bullpen is a mess and Atl is the hot team coming in so I can’t swallow the line

Pit(Kuhl)(+110) – Nola is a wild card, but I like Pitt to get this done at home

Hou(Musgrove)(-110) – Houston should get this done at home Salazar hasn’t figured it out yet this year on the road

Min(Hughes)(G1)(-150) – nobody seems to know what the pitching is so I will just go with the Royals to get both games at home

Stl(Wainwright)(-165) – SF is the hot team, but Cards should get this done behind Wainwright, they have beaten up Cain in the past

Mil(Chase Anderson)(+180) – can’t go wit this line, Cubs should proably be favoured at home, Mil is the hot team and Arrieta has been struggling of late

Oak(Triggs)(+109) – Oak are the hot team so I will ride them here, Triggs has been solid but doesn’t like to see Boston

CHW(Holland)(+115) – don’t get this line, Heston is a wild card, CHW should get this done behind Holland

LAD(McCarthy)(-200) – don’t overreact to yesterday, LA should get this done at home, Worley is a wild card

Ari(Godley)(-120) – Richard gives SD a chance, but Ari should get this done v a Padres team that hates day games and series finale games

Min(Mejia)(G2)(-150) – see the above explaination for Game #1

Tex(Darvish)(-120) – Tex should get this done behind Darvish v struggling Boyd

Yesterday: 7-6 and down 2.03 units
This Month: 135-106 and up 10.53 units
Season: 310-295 and down 41.23 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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