MLB April 15th Selections

NYY(Sabathia)(-110) – Stl might have the SP edge, but Sabathia is not a pitcher the Cards bats figure to get healthy against

Was(Roark)(-155) – Phi has the SP edge, but they are not hitting so hot Nats should be favoured at home

Tor(Estrada)(-145) – line is overcooked, Jays have the SP edge  and coming off of a 10 hit game and against a spot starter I like them in this spot, barely

Cin(Finnegan)(-114) – SP isn’t as lopsided as you would think, however Reds should be favoured at home

Min(Ervin Santana)(-125) – Min should be favoured as CHW struggling, but going up against Q is always scary

Pit(Glasnow)(+220) – Cubs should be favoured but line is out of whack.. Glasnow won’t stink the joint out like his first outing

TB(Odorizzi)(+180) – Bos should be favoured at home, but line is out of whack

Hou(McCullers Jr)(-145) – this might be closer than you think, but Astros should be favoured here

SF(Moore)(-125) – coin flip game, give SF a narrow edge at home, but don’t expect a lot of runs here

Cle(Kluber)(-150) – line is a little overcooked, both SP’s hate seeing the other team, Kluber has been better v Detroit lately so I will give Cle the edge at home

SD(Richard)(+110) – Dickey is always a wild card, but going to stay away since he got tagged last time out

Mia(Conley)(+130) – you want to take the Mets, but deGrom struggles against them, so give Mia a narrow edge at home

LAA(Shoemaker)(-118) – this may well be a shootout, in which case I like the LA bats

Tex(Cashner)(+145) – Paxton give Sea a chance, but the question as always with the M’s is are they going to hit?

Ari(Corbin)(+150) – you want to take LA on Robinson’s day, but they haven’t beaten an LHSP yet and Maeda has been struggling

Yesterday: 6-9 and down 5.87 units
Season: 80-73 and down 12.3 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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