Week #13 Selections Part #4


Central Florida at  South Florida    -10

The Pick:     Central Florida +10 – the cover is a coin flip, but South has enough offence to get this done at home
Minnesota at Wisconsin            -14.5

The Pick: Minnesota +14.5 – Minny wants to play the same way Whisky does. Whisky just does it a little better at this point

Illinois at Northwestern             -15.5

The Pick: Illinois +15.5 – the battle of Chicago should go to NW, but they cover is shaky

Arkansas State at Louisiana-Lafayette    6

The Pick: Arkansas State -6 – State should get this done, ULL doesn’t have the offence to keep up

Virginia at Virginia Tech               -18.5

The Pick: Virginia +18.5 – hard to give away that many points, but Tech should get the win at home

Purdue at Indiana                        -20

The Pick: Purdue +20 – Purdue will hang around, but IU grinds out the win with the running game, Purdue has been unable to close games

Kansas at Kansas State                 -27

The Pick: Kansas +27 – the cover might not be there, but State should roll over the Jayhawks, forget about last week

Rutgers at Maryland                         -13.5

The Pick: Rutgers +13.5 – this won’t be pretty, but the Terps should pull out the win at home to go bowling

Michigan at Ohio State                       -6.5

The Pick: Michigan +6.5 – this is a coin flip in the battle of defenses, could easily go either way, but I think the Maze and Blue might actually steal this one

Georgia Tech at Georgia                   -4.5

The Pick: Georgia -4.5 – Dawgs should get just enough stops to barely get this done at home

Kentucky at Louisville                            -26

The Pick: Kentucky +26 – do not trust the Cards to cover this, but they should bounce back enough to get the win at home

Syracuse at Pittsburgh                    -24.5

The Pick: Pittsburgh -24.5 – Pitt should blow out Syr, the only thing might be running too much with Conner might prevent the cover by a hair

Boston College at Wake Forest              -3.5

The Pick: Wake Forest -3.5 – will not be a lot of offence here, Wake should just get this done at home

Florida International at Old Dominion    -13.5

The Pick: Florida International +13.5 – ODU should win this at home, FIU making too many mistakes on offence to threaten them but the D will prevent the rout

Duke     at Miami(Fl)                             -15.5

The Pick: Miami(Fl) -15.5 – Canes should roll, but it might take a little while to get rolling

San Jose State at Fresno State                 3

The Pick: Fresno State +3 – Fresno should get this done at home via the running game for the second week in a row

Mississippi State at Mississippi                -7.5

The Pick: Mississippi State +7.5 – this is a coin flip to me, so I will go with State v the spread, but this could easily go either way

Auburn at Alabama                                 -17.5

The Pick: Auburn +17.5 – this will be more of a fight than you think, but can’t see ‘Bama losing this at home

Notre Dame at USC                                  – 17

The Pick: USC -17 – the cover is shaky as ND will hang around for awhile, then USC will pull away late

Navy at SMU                                           7

The Pick: Navy -7 – Midshipmen should get this done as SMU won’t have answers for the option attack

West Virginia at Iowa State                             7.5

The Pick: West Virginia -7.5 – WVU should get this done with superior 3rd down play on defence

Michigan State at Penn State                      -13

The Pick: Penn State -13 – Penn should roll here at home as Sparty are totally dispirited at this point

South Alabama at Idaho                                -5.5

The Pick: South Alabama +5.5 – coin flip game, Idaho squeaks it out at home

North Texas at UTEP                                          3.5

The Pick: North Texas -3.5 – NT has too much on both sides of the ball for UTEP to deal with

Oregon at Oregon State                                    3

The Pick: Oregon -3 – coin flip game really, Ducks are a little better than their in State rivals

Troy at Texas State                                          26.5

The Pick: Troy -26.5 – pick a number for the Trojans as Texas State is on the wrong end of another blowout

Appalachian State at New Mexico State                   17.5

The Pick: Appalachian State -17.5 – NMS doesn’t have the offence to keep up with App State

Tulane at Connecticut                                            pk

The Pick: Connecticut PK – you know a game will be ugly when you are picking it based on who has the better kicker

Nevada at  UNLV                                                    -8.5

The Pick: UNLV -8.5 – Rebels win this at home by owning the football and not letting Nevada’s offence get on the field enough

Florida Atlantic at Middle Tennessee                    -13.5

The Pick: Florida Atlantic +13.5 – to their credit FAU hasn’t quit since their QB went down, but they don’t have enough at this point to deal with MTU

Western Kentucky at Marshall                              24

The Pick: Western Kentucky -24 – WKU should roll here, Marshall won’t get the takeaways like last week

Charlotte at Texas-San Antonio                             -10

The Pick: Charlotte +10 – this is a coin flip, but I think USTA get this done at home in spite of shaky QB play

UCLA at California                                              3.5

The Pick: UCLA -3.5 – Bruins squeak this out by playing just a little bit of defence to win a shootout

Utah at Colorado                                            -10.5

The Pick: Utah +10.5 – this will be closer that you think, Buffs will win the battle of the running games at home

South Carolina at Clemson                                      -24

The Pick: Clemson -24.5 – the cover might be shaky in the rivalry game, but Clemson should get the win easily

Tennessee at Vanderbilt                                        8

The Pick: Vanderbilt +8 – Vandy might well steal this by dominating possession as they generally do

Rice at Stanford                                                    -35.5

The Pick: Rice +35.5 – Rice cannot hope to slow down Stanford’s running game, the only question is does Stanford take its foot off of the gas before covering this big a spread

Florida at Florida State                                              -6.5

The Pick: Florida +6.5 – tough call here, but I think the Gators steal this with defence plus State being beat up a little

East Carolina at Temple                                    -20.5

The Pick: Temple -20.5 – ECU does not have the D to stay in this and a Frosh QB can’t make up for it

Colorado State at San Diego State                     -11.5

The Pick: San Deigo State  -11.5 – SDSU pounds out the win with the running game

Wyoming at  New Mexico                                         3

The Pick: New Mexico +3 – this will be close, but I think Wyoming’s beatup D will not handle the Lobos running game

Utah State at BYU                                                 -19

The Pick: BYU -19 – BYU should roll here as the Utes can’t throw the ball and won’t be able to run on this D

Massachusetts at Hawaii                                          -8

The Pick: Massachusetts +8 – this will be closer than it should be, but Hawaii grinds out a win at home

Last Week: 29-28-1
Season 315-292-19 and down 26.3 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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