Week #12 Selections Part #5


Buffalo at Western Michigan            -34.5

The Pick: Buffalo +34.5 – WMU should be running so I do not like the cover, but they should win easily

Clemson at Wake Forest              22

The Pick: Wake Forest +22 – the cover is not there on the road, but Clemson will bounce back v Wake

Kansas State at Baylor               2.5

The Pick: Kansas State -2.5 – KSU should gett his done v beat up Bears

Arizona at Oregon State               -6.5

The Pick: Oregon State -6.5 – OSU should get this done v an Ari team that has basically quit

USC at UCLA                               10.5

The Pick: UCLA +10.5 – these games can always be crazy so I do not trust the cover, but USC playing too well to lose this one

Washington State at Colorado         -4

The Pick: Washington  State -4 – Colorado needs it more, but State steals in with a better offence

Oregon at Utah                                -13

The Pick: Utah -13 – Pick a number time for the Utes, Ducks D too beat up to let the team hang around

Stanford at California                        10.5

The Pick: Stanford -10.5 – Cards should get this done on the ground v non-existent Cal D

Tulsa at Central Florida                   2

The Pick: Tulsa -2 – this will be fun, but Tulsa has too much offence for UCF to deal with

South Florida at SMU                           13

The Pick: SMU +13 – USF should pull this out late, but the Mustangs have enough of a passing game to avoid getting embarrassed

Florida State at Syracuse                    21

The Pick: Syracuse +21 – the Orange do not have the offence to threaten FSU, but that is a lot of points to give on the road

Texas at Kansas                                    23.5

The Pick: Kansas+23.5 – can not trust them to cover this, but Texas should get to have some fun for once

Oklahoma at West Virginia                       3

The Pick: Oklahoma -3 – this will be al ot of fun, but OU spoils the party at Morgantown

Oklahoma State at TCU                     -4.5

The Pick: TCU -4.5 – this will be a shootout, last possession wins kind of game, TCU squeaks it out at home

Iowa at Illinois                                       10

The Pick: Illinois +10 – Iowa should get this done, but I do not like the road cover on Illinois senior day

Northwestern at Minnesota                         1

The Pick: Northwestern -1 – NW should get this done with defence, but it will be on the ugly side

Maryland at Nebraska                              -14.5

The Pick: Nebraska -14.5 – Huskers should get this done as Terps can not stop turning the ball over

Wisconsin at Purdue                                 28

The Pick: Purdue +28 – Purdue has enough offence to beat this sperad, but they will not be on the field enough to threaten to steal this one

Navy at East Carolina                                  7

The Pick: Navy -7 – Midshipmens running game should easily carry the day here

Ohio State at Michigan State                 22

The Pick: Michigan State +22 – MSU does enough at home to beat the spread, but are no threat to steal this

Texas San-Antonio at Texas A&M                 -27

The Pick: Texas San-Antonio +27 – after the loss last week I do not think A&M will care enough to cover this, but the win should not be an issue

Louisiana Lafayette at Georgia                 -23

The Pick: Louisiana Lafayette +23 – Dawgs are not polished enough and will not be interested enough to cover this, but the win should not be an issue

UTEP at Rice                                          -1.5

The Pick: UTEP +1.5 – this will be ugly fun, both teams are bad, UTEP should get it done behind the running game

Virginia at Georgia Tech                            -11

The Pick: Georgia Tech -11 – Tech should get this done comfortably at home as Cavs can not stop turning it over, and in this case will not even have the ball that much

Miami(Fl) at North Carolina State                       3

The Pick: North Carolina State +3 – State gets this done at home with defense and get Bowl eligible

Florida at LSU                                             -22.5

The Pick: Florida +22.5 – the cover might not be there, but Fla too beat up on D to threaten LSU at the moment

Connecticut at Boston College                        -7

The Pick: Boston College -7 – BC gets this done at home, but can you say UGLY

Middle Tennessee at Charlotte                         4

The Pick: Middle Tennessee -4 – the Charlotte D is the cure for what ails MTU

Massachusetts at BYU                                       -30

The Pick: Massachusetts +30 – Umass has a habit of beating spreads, but are no threat to steal this one

Georgia Southern at Georgia State                2.5

The Pick: Georgia Southern -2.5 – this should be Southern as they are finishing drives, while State have struggled at times in this area

Louisiana-Monroe at Appalachian State               -25.5

The Pick: Appalachian State -25.5     – State should roll on as they have way too much of everything for ULM to deal with

Duke    at Pittsburgh                                        -7.5

The Pick: Pittsburgh -7.5 – barring a brain cramp letdown, Pitt should get this done at home

San Diego State at Wyoming                          10

The Pick: San Diego State -10 – Cowboys about to run into a buzzsaw of a SDSU defence

Virgina Tech at Notre Dame                                  -1

The Pick: Notre Dame -1 – Irish squeak this out at home to keep their run going

Missouri at Tennessee                                          -16

The Pick: Missouri +16 – this will be ugly, but Vols should get the win at home, Missouri will be able to run enough to prevent the rout

Temple at Tulane                                          15.5

The Pick: Temple -15.5 – bad matchup time for Tulane as Temple should get this done on the ground

Texas Tech at Iowa State                                    3

The Pick: Texas Tech -3 – Tech passing game trumps State running game, barely

Indiana at Michigan                                           -23

The Pick: Michigan -23 – Indy will not get any offence going v Michigan D

Texas State at New Mexico State                           -9.5

The Pick: New Mexico State -9.5 – Texas State does not have the D to hang around in a shootout

Utah State at Nevada                                            6

The Pick: Nevada +6 – This will be ugly, I like Nevada to get this done at home as they do not screw up as much as USU and will have more of the ball

Southern Mississippi at North Texas                    6

The Pick: Southern Mississippi -6 – The Eagles get this done by keeping the ball on the ground, thus avoiding continuing the interception plague

Old Dominion at Florida Atlantic                            8

The Pick: Old Dominion -8 – ODU gets this done as Owls offence will be slowed by a better D than they have seen the last 2 weeks

Hawaii at Fresno State                                           2.5

The Pick: Hawaii -2.5 – I like the Rainbows to get this done ugly behind the running game, this should only be for the die-hards

Marshall at Florida International                             3

The Pick: Marshall -3 – I think the Herd get this done v a backup QB, even though FIU is coming off of a bye

Arkansas at Mississippi State                            -2

The Pick: Arkansas +2 – Hogs should get this done if their season trends continue, but it will not be pretty

Arizona State at Washington                          -26.5

The Pick: Washington -26.5 – Wash needs to make a statement and will do so at home v ASU

Mississippi at Vanderbilt                                       10

The Pick: Vanderbilt +10 – Vandy may well steal this one by playing keep away as well as they did last week V Missouri, only this time it pays off

Penn St at Rutgers                                                28

The Pick: Rutgers +28 – the cover might be shaky on the road, but Penn St should get the win easily

New Mexico at Colorado State                               -4.5

The Pick: Colorado State -4.5 – CSU squeaks this one out late, it will not be pretty

Air Force at San Jose State                                         10

The Pick: Air Force -10 – Falcons should shut down and run over SJSU

Last Week: 26-30-2
Season: 286-284-18  and down 24.5 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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