November 6th Selections

Utah(-125)     – Knicks are starting to find a groove, return of Heyward a wildcard, Jazz are deeper

Portland(-125) – coin flip kind of game, Portland has a little momentum at the moment

Toronto(-110) – Raps should get this done at home, Sac beat up at the moment

Milwaukee(+115) – Bucks should get this done, no Dirk for Mavs and they have not figured it out yet

Boston(-400) – Celts are shorthanded, but it will not matter v woeful Nuggets

LA Lakers(-145) – Lakers should get this done at home, Phoe playing tougher but v weaker opposition thus far

Yesterday: 4-4 and down 1.1 units
Season: 50-36 and up 26.25 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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