Week #9 Selections Part #3


Kent State at Central Michigan    -14.5

The Pick: Kent State +14.5 –  the cover is a coin flip. But I think both teams are beat up enough that the cover will not happen

West Virginia at Oklahoma State       4

The Pick: West Virginia -4 – WVU rolls on in a shootout

Minnesota at Illinois      5

The Pick: Minnesota -5 – Gophers should get this done at home

Michigan at Michigan State    23.5

The Pick: Michigan State +23.5 – State has enough pride to prevent the rout in the rivarly game, but I can’t see them finding enough to steal this one, barring an awful day from the Wolverines

Penn St at Purdue      11.5

Purdue +11.5 – I don’t think enn St totally gags after the big upset last week, but a little letdown is to be expected, this will be closer than you think

Kansas State at Iowa State         6.5

The Pick:  Kansas State -6.5 – K State should get this done on defense alone, ISU just does not have the talent

Kentucky at Missouri         -4

The Pick: Missouri -4 – this should be a shootout, Kentucky D is too soft too steal this one

Central Florida at Houston    -9

Centreal Florida +9 – I like Houston at home, but they a bit too beat up to trust them to cover this

Duke at Georgia Tech           -6.5

The Pick: Georgia Tech -6.5 – Tech should get this done at home as I do not think Duke will find enough offence

Louisville at Virginia       31

The Pick: Virginia +31 – this should be Louisville winning big, but for some reason this spread bothers me

Connecticut at East Carolina          -7

The Pick: East Carolina – I like ECU to get this done at home v a very shaky Uconn team

Boston College at North Carolina State          -15

The Pick: Boston College +15 – do not trust them to cover, but State should get this done at home v one dimensional BC

Western Kentucky at Florida Atlantic      21

The Pick: Westen  Kentucky -21 – pick a number time for the Hilltoppers, FAU does not have the offence to compete here

Cincinnati at Temple       -7

The Pick:     Cincinnati +7 – Temple will get this done by playing keep away with the running game, but because of that I do not think the cover is there

Florida at Georgia(at Jacksonville)        7.5

The Pick:     Florida -7.5 – Dawgs too inconsistent on offence to threaten Gators

Baylor at Texas         3

The Pick: Texas +3.5 – assuming they do not get cute, Texas has a real shot to steal this

Army at Wake Forest          -6.5

The Pick: Wake Forest -6.5 – Army can not stop turning the ball over, and Wake has the run D to slow them down just enough to get this done

Miami(Fl) at Notre Dame         2.5

The Pick: Notre Dame +2.5 – both defenses are hurting, this will be a last possession wins kind of game, I like the Irish at home after a week off

Washington at Utah          10

The Pick: Utah +10 – Utes could very well steal this at home by playing keep away with the run game

Miami(OH) at Eastern Michigan       -7

The Pick: Eastern Michigan  -7 – EMU should get this done v a mistake prone Redhawk team

Maryland at Indiana        -5

The Pick: Maryland +5 – coin flip game, I like Indy to get this done with the running game, but don’t trust them to cover

Texas Tech at TCU        -8.5

The Pick: TCU -8.5 – Tech does not have the D to win a shootout on the road

Northwestern at Ohio State           -26.5

The Pick: Northwestern +26.5 – the question is does OSU cover? With NW playing well by its standards, I can’t trust OSU to cover after last week

SMU at Tulane         -2.5

The Pick: SMU +2.5 – I like SMU to get this done as the Tulane ground game will not work as well v the Ponies

Arizona State at Oregon       -7.5

The Pick: Arizona State +7.5 – Ducks should barely quack past State at home

Georgia State at South Alabama        -3.5

The Pick: South Alabama -3.5 – Jags should get this done at home v weak GSU offence

Kansas at Oklahoma         -40

The Pick: Kansas +40 – Pick a number time for the Sooners, they will be too concerned about keeping people healthy to cover this

Louisiana Monroe at Arkansas State       -20

The Pick: Louisiana Monroe +20 – I do not think the cover is there, but ULM does not have the D to threaten Ark State

Nebraska at Wisconsin    -8.5

The Pick: Wisconsin -8.5 – Whisky should edge away late at home in a physical game

Rice at Louisiana Tech         -28

The Pick: Lousiana Tech -28 – pick a number time for Tech, as long as boredom does not become an issue

Marshall at Southern Mississippi          -16.5

The Pick: Marshall +16.5 – Southern Miss should get the win at home, but Marshall has enough offence to hang around

North Texas at Texas-San Antonio      -3.5

The Pick: Texas-San Antonio -3.5 – coin flip kind of game, will go with USTA at home

Boise State at Wyoming         13.5

The Pick: Wyoming +13.5 – this will be closer than you think, but the Cowboys are not quite ready for this stage at this time

Middle Tennessee at Florida International        17

The Pick: Florida International   +17 – do not like the road cover, but MTU should get the win here

Tennessee at South Carolina       13.5

The Pick: Tennessee   -13.5 – Vols are nicked up but the week off should help enough to let them get this done v a one dimensional SC team

Auburn at Mississippi         4

The Pick: Auburn -4 – Tigers should pick up where LSU left off and run past the Rebels

New Mexico State at Texas A&M         -43.5

New Mexico State   +43.5 – A&M should be running so I do not think the cover is there, but the win should not be an issue

Old Dominion at UTEP          4

The Pick: Old Dominion   -4 – bad matchup for the Miners as ODU stuffs what they like to do on offence

Clemson at Florida State        4.5

The Pick: Florida State +4.5 – both teams are rested, this is a coin flip for me, I like FSU to get this done at home

Tulsa at Memphis    -6.5

The Pick: Memphis -6.5 – Tigers should get this done in a shootout type game

UNLV     at San Jose State        3

The Pick: UNLV -3 – this should be the Rebels. But they have been so inconsistent it is hard to trust them

Washington State at Oregon State    13

The Pick: Washington State        -13

The Pick: OSU is beat up at QB, the O will not be able to keep up with Wazzu

Stanford at Arizona        5.5

The Pick: Stanford   -5.5 – Cards should find enough O to get past hapless Ari

New Mexico at Hawaii        -3

The Pick: New Mexico +3 – I think Lobos can steal this with a better run game and slighly better defense

Last Week: 29-23-2
season: 199-205-15    and down 24.6 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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