Week #7 Selections Part #3


Utah at Oregon State    9.5

The Pick: Utah -9.5 – not convinced last week was a fluke for State, but unlike Cal, Utah actually plays D and will get this done

Arizona State at Colorado    -13

The Pick: Arizona State +13.5 – don’t think the cover is there, but Col should get the win at home

Vanderbilt at Georgia    -14.5

The Pick: Vanderbilt +14.5 – can not trust an inconsistent Georgia team to cover this, but they should get the win as Vandy doesn’t have nearly enough offence to keep up

NC State at Clemson    -17.5

The Pick: NC State +17.5 – State is more than good enough to throw a scare into Clemson, but I can not see them stealing this on the road

Western Michigan at Akron    10.5

The Pick – Western Michigan -10.5 – WMU should get this done as Akron can’t outgun them

Iowa at Purdue    12.5

The Pick: Iowa -12.5 – Iowa needs this a lot more and Purdue has not showm it can get it done v solid competition

Kansas State at Oklahoma    -10.5

The Pick: Kansas State +10.5 – Oklahoma has not gotten it done v good defenses and K State has a very good one, but the State O canèt exploit the weakness in the OU secondary so I think OU gets the win on the road

West Virginia at Texas Tech    1

The Pick: West Virginia -1 – WVU gets a stop or two on D, which is all that it takes to defeat D optional Tech

Illinois at Rutgers    3

The Pick: Rutgers +3 – I know Rutgers has been blown out twice in a row, but they have been playing elite opposition while Illinois has struggled against far lesser opponents. Given how beat up they are I can not trust the Illini on the road, so I will take Rutgers at home in a coin flip type game

Minnesota at Maryland    -4.5

The Pick: Minnesota +4.5 – this will be close, Minny has a legit chance to steal this

Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech    -10.5

Georgia Southern +10.5 – this game might not have a forward pass thrown in it. Tech’s D will be the difference in the end as they win a close one at home

Pittsburgh at Virginia    3

The Pick: Pittsburgh -3 – Pitt gets this done by playing keep away with the ground game and keeping the Cavs passing attack on the bench

Eastern Michigan at Ohio    6.5

The Pick: Eastern Michigan +6.5 – this is a coin flip game, I will go with Ohio to win a close one at home

Kent State at Miami(Oh)    1.5

The Pick: Miami(Oh)  +1.5 – Kent State doesn’t have enough of an offence to keep up with Ohio, regardless who ends up playing at QB

Western Kentucky at Middle Tennessee       -2.5

The Pick: Western Kentucky -2.5 – this is a coin flip,but I think WKU gets slightly better QB play and makes fewer mistakes to get the road win

Wake Forest at Florida State    -21

The Pick: Wake Forest +21 – FSU is too beat up and might be in let down mode after a big win last week to cover this, but should get it done at home

Ball State at Buffalo    10.5

The Pick: Ball State -10.5 – State should get the win as the Buffs have been brutal this season

Bowling Green at Toledo    -30

The Pick: Toledo -30 – the wheels have come off for BG, Rockets should be able to launch when ready

Central Michigan at Northern Illinois    2.5

Central Michigan -2.5 – Central needs this more and will get it, as UNI can’t seem to figure it out on defense

Louisiana Tech st Massachusetts    15

The Pick: Louisiana Tech +15 – Tech should get the win, but not the cover, as Umass can’t take advantage of Tech’s week secondary

Kansas at Baylor    -35

The Pick: Kansas +35 – not sure about the cover, but Kansas has no real way to keep up with the Baylor O

Alabama at Tennessee         13

The Pick: Alabama -14    Tennessee too beat up and prone to slow starts to deal with Alabama, at best they have a small chance to back door cover this

USC at Arizona       8

The Pick: USC -8 – Arizona is too beat up to deal with the Trojans

New Mexico at Air Force    -14.5

The Pick: Air Force -14.5 – Falcons bounce back and shut down the Lobo running game

Northwestern at Michigan State    -5

The Pick: Michiigan State -5 – as long as MSU does not get cute again and sticks with the gound game, they should be able to get this done

North Carolina at Miami(Fl)      -7

The Pick: North Carolina +7 – I think NC could steal this v a beat up and somewhat demoralized Miami  team

Georgia State at Troy        -17

The Pick: Georgia State +17 – the cover might not be there, but Troy should get the win at home

Nebraska at Indiana        4

The Pick:     Nebraska -4 – Nebraska won’t be dominate by any means, but should get out of town with a win

Virgina Tech at Syracuse    19.5

The Pick: Virginia Tech -19.5 – Tech should have no issues here, the Orange don’t have the horses to keep up

Missouri at Florida    -13.5
The Pick: Missouri +13.5 – Gaters should get this done with the ground game, but I do not think the cover is there

New Mexico State at Idaho       -5

The Pick: Idaho -5 – this figures to be a shootout that could go either way, so I will go with the home team to get it done

Florida International at Charlotte    5.5

The Pick: Florida International -5.5 – it won’t look as good as it has been, but FIU should roll on v a Charlotte D that hasn’t been able to get the key stops thus far

Florida Atlantic at Marshall    -13.5

Florida Atlantic +13.5    I can’t trust them to cover this, even v FAU, but at least they should get a win at home

Texas-San Antonio at Rice       3.5

The Pick: Texas-San Antonio -3.5 – this will be ugly, but USTA  hould get this done v a horrible Rice D

Mississipp at Arkansas         7.5

The Pick: Mississippi -7.5 – this will be a big time shootout, Miss has just enough D to get this done

Texas State at Louisiana Monroe       -7

Louisiana Monroe +7 – ULM need this more and get it, but the cover isn’t a sure thing

South Alabama at Arkansas State        -4.5

The Pick: South Alabama +1.5 – State too turnover prone and too soft on D to USSA a breather tube we cour

Connecticut at South Florida  19.5

The Pick:  South Florida -19.5 – the cover is a coin flip, but Usf should get the win at home

Tulsa at Houston    -21.5

The Pick : Houston -21.5 – Tulsa is about to find out what it is like to play a real team

Iowa State at Texas       -13.5

The Pick: Texas -13.5 – Texas should get this done as long as thet remember how to tackle

Southern Mississippi at LSU        -25.5

The Pick: LSU -25.5 – the only question is whether a rested  LSU team is too bored to cover this, as USM hasn’t really figured it out yet

Stanford at Notre Dame    -3

The Pick: Notre Dame -3 – this will not be pretty, but with McCaffery hurting and little in the way  of a passing game, I can not see them stealing this on the road

Temple at Central Florida    -3

The Pick: Central Florida -3 – this will be ugly, UCF should get it done with defense and barely enough offence

Ohio State at Wisconsin    10.5

The  Pick: Ohio State -10.5 – Wisonsin is rested and has an above average D that is capable pf slowing down OSU, but I can’t see Whisky finding enough offence to steal this one outright. The cover is shaky on the road for OSU

Colorado State at Boise State    -31

The Pick: Colorado State +31 – the line is a little silly, but Boise should get the win at home

UCLA    at Washington State         -5

The Pick: Washington State -5 – Bruins way too beat up and distracted to deal with State’s high octane offence

Nevada at San Jose State        -1.5

The Pick: Nevada +1.5 – a shootout, Wolfpack have a slightly better D

UNLV at Hawaii        -8.5

The Pick: Hawaii -8.5 – Rainbows should get this done on the Island, Wolfpack can’t find any offence

Last Week: 27-26-1
Season: 145-155-11    and down 23.6 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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