Week #5 Selections Part #3


Arizona at UCLA    -13.5

The Pick: Arizona +13.5 – this will be all kinds of fun if you like shootouts, I think UCLA wins a close one at home but forget about the cover

Arizona State at USC    -9.5

The Pick: Arizona State +9.5 – coin flip type game, the cover isn’t there, but I think USC is desperate enough to win a close one at home

Oregon at Washington State    1.5

The Pick: Washington State +1.5 – the Ducks offence is off just enough that their defence can’t pick up the slack and allows State to steal this one in a shootout

Baylor at Iowa State    16.5

The Pick: Baylor -16.5 – still not really sold on Baylor, but v Iowa State it does not matter

Florida at Vanderbilt    10

The Pick: Florida -10 – assuming Vandy’s offensive outbursts were the product of C-USA defenses, and I think they were, Florida should get this done comfortably

Notre Dame at Syracuse    10.5

The Pick: Notre Dame -10.5 – this will be interesting, but although the Orange is much better on offence they oddly don’t have enough D to keep them in this one

Texas  at Oklahoma State    -2.5

The Pick: Texas +2.5 – State is desperate, but Texas gets this done by playing just enough keep away…it will still be a minor shootout

Rutgers at Ohio State    -38.5

The Pick: Rutgers +38.5 – OSU will be too bored to cover this, but will cruise past punchless Rutgers

Northwestern at Iowa    -13

The Pick: Northwestern +13 – this will be ugly, but Iowa can make the plays that Northwestern can’t seem to at this time, Hawkeyes win a close one at home

Central Florida at East Carolina    -4

The Pick: East Carolina -4 – Central is improving, but ECU has too much offense for them

Miami(Fl) at Georgia Tech    7

The Pick: Georgia Tech +7 – do not like the cover on the road, but I think the Miami D can make the adjustments to the option to get the win late, it will be fun though

Georgia State at Appalachian State    -18.5

The Pick: Appalachian State -18.5

ASU should get this done easily as GSU doesn’t have enough to be able to keep up

SMU at Temple    -12.5

SMU +12.5 – forget the cover, but Owls should have enough to get this done v retooling SMU

Virginia at Duke    -3.5

The Pick: Duke -3.5 – Duke should get this done at home, but it will not be easy as this game likely will be decided by who throws the fewer picks

Buffalo at Boston College    -17.5

The Pick: Buffalo +17.5 – no way am I giving up this many points on a team that hasn’t shown it can do it against legit opposition…they might get the win at home, but it won’t be pretty

Ohio at Miami(Oh)    2.5

The Pick: Ohio -2.5 – Redhawks actually have a passing game that will let them hang around awhile, but Ohio is the superior team and pulls away late

Oregon State at Colorado    -17.5

The Pick: Colorado -17.5 – cover is shaky, but Buffs should get this done comfortably

Eastern Michigan at Bowling Green    -3

The Pick: Eastern Michigan +3 – until BG shows me they have figured it out, I am staying away

Northern Illinois at Ball State    -4

The Pick: Ball State +4 – on paper this could be very ugly, but NIU is too talented to be this awful

Navy at Air Force    -7.5

The Pick: Air Force -7.5 – the Falcons get this one with defense

Akron at Kent State    7

The Pick: Akron -7 – if Kent State ever finds an offence they could be scary, their D makes the cover debateable, but i think the Zips get the win

Louisiana Monroe at Auburn    -32.5

The Pick: Louisiana Monroe 32.5 – Auburn needs this to be a blowout, which won’t quite happen, but they should get the win comfortably

Tennessee at Georgia      3

The Pick: Georgia +3 – Georgia has to make it ugly to win, and they can  this at home, if the game was in Knoxville I proably go the other way

Tulane at Massachusetts    2.5

The Pick: Tulane -2.5 – this is a coin flip, but I like Tulane to control the game and steal the win on the road

North Carolina at Florida State    -11

Florida State -11 – UNC can not run the ball, FSU can and will do so to play keep away from the UNC passing attack an win comfortably

Wake Forest at NC State    -10.5

The Pick: NC State -10.5 – State needs this a lot more and should get it done again, Wake won’t be getting 5 turnovers like last week

Purdue at Maryland    -10

Maryland -10 – Terps should roll on at home as Purdue doesn’t have the D to keep them in the game

Wisconsin at Michigan    -10

The Pick: Wisconsin +10 – Michigan gets up early and gets this done at home as Whisky isn’t built to come from behind, but their D will keep them from getting embarrassed

Illinois at Nebraska    -21

The Pick: Illinois +21 – Illini have enough on both sides of the ball to prevent the cover, but no way are they ready to steal this on the road

Minnesota at Penn State    -3

The Pick: Minnesota +3 – one word: UGLY –  Gophers steal this with a more balanced offence and just enough defence

Kansas State at     West Virginia    -3.5

The Pick: Kansas State +3.5 – WVU has the better O, but State has enough D to steal this one late

Texas A&M at South Carolina    17.5

The Pick: South Carolina +17.5 – the cover is shaky, but A&M should get this done comfortably, as SC doesn’t have the offensive chops to keep up for 60 minutes

San Jose State at New Mexico    -8.5

The Pick: New Mexico -8.5 – Lobos need this bad and will get it vs a SJST team that can’t get out of its own way at the moment

Oklahoma at TCU    3.5

The Pick: TCU +3.5 – this is a bad matchup for the Sooners even after a week off, as they are not built to play the way you have to  to deal with TCU

Troy at Idaho    14

The Pick: Troy -14 – Troy should roll here v a weak Idaho team that benefitted from a UNLV meltdown last week

Old Dominion at Charlotte    9

The Pick: Old Dominion -9 – ODU should roll on v a hapless Charlotte D

Utah at California    -1.5

The Pick: California -1.5 – this will be fun, Utes don’t have the offensive chops to keep up with the Cal express

Memphis at Mississippi    -14.5

The Pick: Memphis +14.5 – don’t really trust Ole Miss to cover this, but Memphis hasn’t played anyone with a pulse yet so it is unlikely it will handle adversity well enough to steal this one

Kentucky at Alabama    -35

The Pick: Alabama -35 – Tide should roll here, ‘Cats have been feasting on cupcakes

Florida Atlantic at Florida International    5

The Pick: Florida International +5 – UGLY…but I think FIU’s coaching change will give them enough of a boost to steal this one, FAU doesn’t play defense either

UTEP at Louisiana Tech    -19.5

Louisiana Tech -19.5 – UTEP D won’t have any answers for the Tech passing attack

Western Michigan at Central Michigan    3.5

The Pick: Western Michigan -3.5 – CMU is better than what they showed last week, but with injuries to the CMU WR corps, I don’t see them being able to keep up

South Florida at Cincinnati    6

The Pick: South Florida -6 – USF gets this done, but it will not be as easy as u think v a backup QB

Middle Tennessee at North Texas    15

The Pick: Middle Tennessee -15 – Mean Green are almost Green again, but won’t be able to keep up with MTU

Rice at Southern Mississippi    -24

The Pick: Southern Mississippi -24 – Rice will be slow cooked by Southern Mississippi here

Marshall at Pittsburgh    -16

The Pick: Pittsburgh -16 – Pitt gets this done with the running game, but no marks for artistic impression in this game

Missouri at LSU    -13

The Pick: Missouri +13 – you want LSU to blow Missou away, but it might take more than 1 week with the new coach to get everything firing again

San Diego State at South Alabama    19

The Pick: South Akabama +19 – not sure if State will be focused enough to cover this on the road, but SA is beat up and shouldn’t be able to keep pace

Louisiana Lafayette at New Mexico State    5

The Pick: Louisiana Lafayette -5 – Cajuns should roll on here as State has no defence to speak of

Louisville at Clemson    1.5

The Pick: Clemson +1.5 – It will be close, but the Cards won’t be able to handle getting smacked in the mouth for the first time

Michigan State at Indiana    7

The Pick: Michigan State -7 – this isn’t a gimmie, but State should get this done with a better and balanced attack

Utah State at Boise State    -20

The Pick: Utah State +20 – QB Meyers is kind of kryptonite for State, so I don’t like the cover, but I think they get the win at home

Wyoming at Colorado State    -6.5

The Pick: Colorado State -6.5 – State will get the cover late, but saying this game won’t be pretty is a gross understatement

Fresno State at UNLV    -10.5

The Pick: Fresno State +10.5 – Rebels will run their way to a win, neither team has a passing game so I don’t think the cover is there

Nevada at Hawaii          4.5

The Pick: Hawaii +4.5 – tough call here, nut I think the Rainbows get this done at home after a needed bye week

Last Week: 22-30
Season: 90-102-6  and down 22 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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