Week #4 Selections Part #3


Florida State at South Florida    6

The Pick: Florida State -6 – FSU bounces back in a big way

Iowa at Rutgers      14

The Pick: Iowa -14 – Hawkeyes take out their frustrations on the Knights, who won’t have an answer for the Iowa front seven

Kent State at Alabama        -43.5

The Pick: Kent State +43.5 – Tide will be too bored and play the scrubs too much to cover this

Georgia at     Mississippi       -7.5

Georgia +7.5 – coin flip game that is tough to get a read on, I think Ole Miss wins an ugly close one at home

Nevada at Purdue    -4.5

The Pick: Purdue -4.5 – Purdue should have enough pop to get this done at home

San Jose State at Iowa State    -6.5

The Pick: San Jose State +6.5 – Iowa State gets this done late and ugly out of desperation, but the cover isn’t there

Charlotte at Temple    -27.5

The Pick: Charlotte +27.5 – the cover is a bit shaky, but Temple better get this done or the season is a disaster

Colorado State at Minnesota    -16

The Pick: Colorado State +16 – too many unknowns about these teams to call for this big a cover, but I like Gophers to get the win at home

Central Michigan at Virginia    3.5

The Pick: Central Michigan -3.5 – Cavs haven’t figured it out yet, and won’t against a red hot CMU team

East Carolina at Virginia Tech    -11

The Pick: East Carolina +11 – Tech gets the win late by forcing turnovers, but the cover isn’t there

Syracuse at Connecticut    -3.5

The Pick: Syracuse +3.5 – Orange get this done as Uconn is a bit of a mirage

Appalachian State at Akron    6

The Pick: Akron +6 – I think the Zips steal this one with an explosive  offence that will overcome the ASU running game

Miami(OH) at Cincinnati    -18

The Pick:     Cincinnati -18 – Bearcats bounce back v a Redhawk team that doesn’t have the offence to keep up

BYU vs West Virginia(at Landover, Maryland)      -7

The Pick: West Virginia -7 – WVU barely gets the cover through the air, BYU doesn’t have the passing game to keep up

Duke at Notre Dame    -21

The Pick: Notre Dame -21 – the cover is shaky, but ND should get this done comfortably, Duke doesn’t have enough offence to keep up

Mississippi State at Massachusetts(at Foxboro)    22

The Pick: Massachusetts +22 – Umass has the D to hang around, but not the O to steal it

Texas San-Antonio at Old Dominion    -3.5

The Pick: Texas San-Antonio +3.5 – coin flip type game, I think USTA’s D steals this one

Pittsburgh at North Carolina     -7

The Pick: Pittsburgh +7 – UNC gets the win at home, but Pitt’s running game will keep them close

Vanderbilt at Western Kentucky    -7.5

The Pick: Vanderbilt +7.5 – Vandy’s D will let it hang around, but unless the O can recreate the MTS game, which it won’t quite, then they can’t steal it

Tulsa at Fresno State    14.5

The Pick Fresno State +14.5 – Tulsa should get this done, but its D keeps both teams in the game

Ball State at Florida Atlantic      3.5

The Pick: Ball State -3.5 – Cards should get this done v hapless FAU

North Texas at Rice    -7

The Pick: Rice -7 – Owls should finally wake up at home vs weak NT squad

LSU at Auburn    3.5

The Pick:  LSU -3.5 – LSU gets this done with defence and a just good enough offence

Army at Buffalo    14

The Pick: Army -14 – Army rolls the Bulls, who have no answers for the option attack

Central Florida at Florida International    7

The Pick: Central Florida -7 – Knights get this done with the ground game as International hasn’t figured things out yet

Louisiana Tech at Middle Tennessee    -5.5

The Pick: Middle Tennessee  -5.5 – last possession wins kind of game, MT gets it done at home

Georgia Southern at Western Michigan    -7

The Pick: Western Michigan -7 – this will be fun, I think WMU’s D line slows up the run game of GSU just enough to let the offence on the field enough to win the game

New Mexico State at Troy    -20.5

The Pick: New Mexico State +20.5 – Troy keeps its surprising run going, but with Rose III back for  NMST, I don’t think the cover is there

Houston at Texas State    34.5

The Pick: Texas State +34.5 – I don’t think the cover is there on the road, but Hou should get this done comfortably

Nebraska at Northwestern    7.5

The Pick: Nebraska -7.5 – Nebraska should get this done late…but being Northwestern it will be ugly

South Carolina at Kentucky    -2.5

The Pick: Kentucky -2.5 – if the Cats can stop turning the ball over they have the offence to get this done, while SC has struggled badly with its own offence, which might be fixed by the ‘Cats lousy D. Coin Flip Game

Stanford at UCLA    3

The Pick: UCLA +3 – sort of a contrarian  pick, but I think UCLA steal this one at home with enough offence that the Cardinal won’t be able to keep up

Bowling Green at Memphis    -16.5

The Pick: Memphis -16.5 – BG offence has gone bye bye

Louisville at Marshall    25.5

The Pick: Louisville -25.5 – as long as the Cards don’t get cocky it should be pick a number time for them

Louisiana Lafayette at Tulane    -5.5

The Pick: Tulane -5.5 – Cajun offence won’t see enough of the field to keep up

Southern Mississippi at UTEP    10

The Pick: Southern Mississippi -10 – Southern Miss gets healthy v a bad UTEP D

Idaho at UNLV    -14.5

The Pick: UNLV -14.5 – this one has me a bit nervous as we don’t really know much about either team, but the Rebels appear to have far more upside and are at home

Arkansas at Texas A&M(at Arlington)    -6

The Pick: Arkansas +6 – Hogs steal this one as the OL wears down the Aggie D late and keeps the Aggie O off of the field

California at Arizona State    -4

The Pick: Arizona State -4 – State gets this done via the ground game and playing keep away from the Cal offence

Air Force at Utah State    3

The Pick: Air Force -3 – Falcons get this done comfortably by playing keep away

Washington at Arizona    9.5

The Pick: Washington -9.5 – Huskies get this done as Ari has been fattening itself up on cupcakes

Florida at Tennessee    -7

The Pick: Florida +7 – this is Tennessee, who will find a way to keep both teams in the game, but I think they get it done ugly in the end v a backup QB

Colorado at Oregon    -7.5

The Pick: Oregon -7.5 – both teams are beat up, but Colorado is in real trouble if their QB can’t go

Boise State at Oregon State    13

The Pick: Oregon State +13 – Boise needs to make a statement, which they won’t quite do, but they will get the win late

Oklahoma State at Baylor    -9.5

The Pick: Oklahoma State +9.5 – too many unknowns to trust Baylor to cover this, in fact it wouldn’t shock me if State won this outright

Wake Forest at Indiana    -7.5

The Pick: Wake Forest +7.5 – don’t like the cover against this D, but Wake is knicked up enough on offence for Indy to get the win

Penn St at     Michigan    -18.5

The Pick: Michigan -18.5 – Penn St is better on offence this year, but doesn’t have enough on either side of the ball to hang with Michigan just yet

Wisconsin at Michigan State        -5.5

The Pick: Michigan State -5.5 – QB play will be the diff as a redshirt frosh QB can’t deal with this Sparty D

Last Week: 22-27-2 and down -7.7 units
Season: 66-70-6 and down 11 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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