Week #3 Selections Part #3


Ohio at Tennessee    -27.5

The Pick: Ohio +27.5 – don’t trust them to cover this sans the five To’s they won’t get, but they SHOULD be able to bomb away enough to get this done, if they can’t, they are in trouble this season

Iowa State at TCU    -24

The Pick: TCU -24 – the cover is debatable, but I can’t see State being able to keep up here

Akron at Marshall    -16.5

The Pick: Akron +16.5 – both teams should be bombing away so I don’t like the cover, but the Herd should get it done at home

New Mexico at Rutgers    -5.5

Rutgers -5.5 – Knights get this done with a better ground game and a wee bit of a passing attack

Middle Tennessee at Bowling Green    6

The Pick: Middle Tennessee State  -6  – you want to take State here, but it is scary after last week’s fiasco

Florida State at Louisville    2.5

The Pick: Florida State -2.5    FSU gets this done as Francois avoids the big mistakes and the turnover issue kills the Cards in this one

Temple at Penn State    -9

The Pick: Penn State -9 – this won’t be pretty, but Penn St’s new look offence should get this done at home, Temple doesn’t have the chops to keep up

Kansas at Memphis    -20

The Pick: Kansas +20 – 20 is a bit much, but the Tigers should win at home

Georgia State at Wisconsin    -34

The Pick: Wisconsin -34 – pick a number time for Whisky

Miami(Fl) at Appalachian State    3.5

The Pick: Miami -3.5 –    Miami should be able to bomb away and get this done with defense

Vanderbilt at Georgia Tech    -6.5

The Pick: Vanderbilt +6.5 – Tech’s lack of a passing game will bite them in the butt as Vandy steals an important win on the road

Virginia at Connecticut        -4

The Pick: Connecticut -4 – staying away from Virginia until they show some semblance of a defense, Uconn should barely cover this

Idaho at Washington State    -25

The Pick: Washington State -25    Pick a number time for State here, as Idaho won’t be able to slow down the passing attack

Florida Atlantic at Kansas State    -22.5

The Pick: Kansas State -22.5 – State should barely cover this, but the win won’t be in doubt

UNLV     at Central Michigan    -13

The Pick: UNLV +13 – I don’t like the cover against this offence, but Central should get this done at home

Fresno State at Toledo    -20.5

The Pick: Fresno State +20.5 – forget the cover as Fresno will more than hold its own, but Toledo should get this done at home

San Diego State at Northern Illinois    10.5

The Pick: San Diego State -10.5 –  State should cover this as UNI is sans its QB and is a mess in any case

Colorado at Michigan    -20.5

The Pick: Michigan -20.5 –     Colorado is much improved but about to run into a buzz saw here

Oregon at Nebraska    -3

The Pick: Oregon +3 – this is a coin flip, but I think Oregon steals this one on the road

Alabama at Mississippi      10.5

Alabama -10.5  – Tide should get this done as long as sloppiness doesn’t continue

Florida International at Massachusetts    -1

The Pick: Florida International +1 – FIU is better than what they have looked like against a pair of Big 10 teams, while Umass hasn’t figured it out yet on offence

Western Kentucky at Miami(Oh)    17

The Pick: Western Kentucky -17    Pick a number time for WKU

Pittsburgh at Oklahoma State    -6.5

The Pick: Pittsburgh +6.5 – State gets it done ugly in a nail-biter

South Florida at Syracuse    14

The Pick: Syracuse +14 – USF will have its hands full with the range passing game, ‘Cuse might even steal this one

Boston College at Virginia Tech    -6

The Pick: Boston College +6 – BC will hang around, but get nipped in a close one as they seem to be cursed at the moment

Western Michigan at Illinois    3.5

The Pick: Western Michigan -3.5 – can’t trust the Illinois D right now

New Mexico State at Kentucky    -19

The Pick: New Mexico State +19 – Common sense says Kentucky can’t cover this but if State’s win last week was a fluke and if it is all going to work for Kentucky this would be the week, there is a chance this could get ugly

East Carolina at South Carolina    -3.5

The Pick: South Carolina -3.5 – SC wins its home opener by playing keep away from an ECU team that doesn’t have a running game of its own to keep the offence on the field

Eastern Michigan at Charlotte    3

The Pick: Eastern Michigan -3 – Eastern gets this done with defence v a weak 49er team

Old Dominion at NC State    -21.5

The Pick: NC State -21.5 – Pick a number time for State here, Monarchs don’t have the chops

Louisiana Monroe at Georgia Southern    -25

The Pick: Georgia Southern -25 – Eagles win run all over ULM, who don’t have the O to keep up

Maryland at Central Florida    8.5

The Pick: Maryland -8.5 – ‘Terps shouldn’t blink here

Navy at Tulane    6

The Pick: Navy -6 – Midshipman get this done in a battle of running games.

South Alabama at Louisiana-Lafayette    -3

The Pick: South Alabama -3 – USA gets this done ugly as ULL hasn’t figured out how to run the ball yet

Louisiana Tech at Texas Tech    -11.5

The Pick: Texas Tech -11.5 – Texas should be able to out bomb La in a “technical” battle

Troy at Southern Mississippi    -11

The Pick: Southern Mississippi -11 – a meeting of overachievers here, SM gets it done at home

Mississippi State at LSU    -12.5

The Pick: Mississippi State +12.5 – I don’t like the cover with a gimpy Fournette, but I think LSU has enough to get this done ugly at home

Texas A&M at Auburn    -3.5

The Pick: Auburn -3.5 – I think the Tigers have enough on both sides of the ball to get this done at home, but I don’t see a rout

Army at UTEP    -3.5

The Pick: Army -3.5 – Knights should roll on behind their defence

Texas State at Arkansas    -31

The Pick: Arkansas -31 – not sure if the cover is there, but I do know that State won’t be able to bomb away this time as the offence won’t be on the field enough

North Texas at Florida    -36.5

The Pick: Florida -36.5 – pick a number time for the Gators

Michigan State at Notre Dame    -7.5

The Pick: Michigan State +7.5 – this could go either way, I think the Irish grind out a close , ugly one at home

Georgia at Missouri    7

The Pick: Georgia -7 – this will not be pretty, but I think the Dawgs get this done ugly with a keep away offence

Ohio State at Oklahoma    2.5

The Pick: Ohio State -2.5 – State gets this done behind its athletic defense, but it will be all kinds of fun

Duke at Northwestern         -6.5

The Pick: Duke +6.5 – can’t trust them to cover, but ‘Cats can’t go 0-3 at home can they?

USC at Stanford          -8.5

The Pick: USC +8.5 – I think the Trojans steal this one with defence
and overall talent, with help from a shaky Stanford O-Line

Buffalo at Nevada    -11

The Pick: Buffalo +11 – coin flip game with 2 mediocre teams, Buff coming off a bye so I think they beat the spread, but won’t win on the road

UCLA     at BYU    3

The Pick: UCLA -3 – Bruins have too much offence for BYU to keep up with

Utah at San Jose State    13

The Pick: Utah -13 – Utes should get this done with defence, ground game

Texas at California    8

The Pick: Texas -8 – at the moment, Texas does what they do better than Cal does…they should get this done comfortably

Hawaii at Arizona    -24.5

The Pick: Hawaii +24.5 – not sure the ‘Cats have the chops to cover this, but they should get it done comfortably

Last Week:  19-23-2
Season: 42-41-4 and down 3.1 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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