Dallas Cowboys

Free Agents

DT    Thorton, Cedric        F
DE    Mayowa, Benson        F
RB    Morris, Alfred        F
C    Looney, Joe        F

The Draft

RB    Elliot, Ezekiel       5’11    222    Ohio State    1(4)
OLB    Smith, Jaylon    6’2    223    Notre Dame    2(34)
DT    Collins, Maliek    6’1    311    Nebraska    3(67)
DE    Tapper, Charles    6’2    271    Oklahoma    4(101)
QB    Prescott, Dak      6’2    226    Mississippi State    4c(135)
RB    Jackson, Darius   5’11    219    Eastern Michigan    6c(216)
CB    Brown, Anthony    5’11    192    Purdue    6(189)
S       Frazier, Kavon     5’11    217    Central Michigan    6c(212)
TE    Gathers, Rico       6’6    273    Baylor    6c(217)

WR    Brown, Chris    6`2    194    Notre Dame    UDFA
WR     Eagan, Ed            5’10    188    Northwestern State    UDFA
WR     Jones, Andy    6’1    207    Jacksonville    UDFA
TE      Traylor, Austin    6’2    245    Wisconsin    UDFA
T        Hedelin, David    6’4    297    Purdue    UDFA
T        Mack, Ryan            6’3    308    Memphis    UDFA
G    Stiverson, Boston  6’3    311    Kansas State    UDFA
C    Brendel, Jake    6’4    303    UCLA            UDFA
DT    Coe, Rodney    6’3    315    Akron            UDFA
DE     Neil, Jason            6’2    266    UTSA            UDFA
OLB    King, Deon    6’0    220    Norfolk State    UDFA
OLB     Azubike, Caleb    6’4    250    Vanderbilt    UDFA(DE)
CB    Colquhoun, Arjen    6’0    188    Michigan State    UDFA
CB    McKinnon, Jeremiah    5’11    190    Florida International    UDFA

The Cowboys were too tight to the cap to be able to be very active in free agency, what they did do was about shoring up a DL in transition, and adding needed depth at RB and at C.

The Draft continued the theme of retooling the DL as well as upgrading a shaky secondary, with a couple of savy additions to the offence, including a workhorse RB who should be able to take advantage of an excellent OL

In Elliot the Cowboys may have found the RB to fill the role Demarco Murray vacated a year ago. He won’t be lacking for opportunity as McFadden is already questionalble for Week #1 with a broken elbow and Dunbar is rehabbing his knee.

Smith won’t play this season as he is rehabbing his knee, but could easily take over next year should McClain play his way out of the team’s plans.

Collins might also need time but could be thrown into the fire as the Cowboys juggle the DL due to the Gregory suspension.

Tapper provides a needed upgrade to the pass rush and like Collins might/should see the field right away due to Gregory’s abscence.

Prescott was a savy pick on a developmental type QB who won’t have to play right away, but is solid enough he could see the field in an emergency and be a game manager type.

Brown is a depth pick for now, but might find a much larger role a year from now as both starters ahead of him are free agents after this season.

Frazier will be a backup at worst in a less that stellar safety situation.

Jackson provides needed depth at RB with both McFadden and Dunbar already on the shelf.

Gathers is extremly raw, but has the phyiscal tools to have an impact if given time to learn, and has one of the best to learn from in Jason Witten

Of the UFDA’s, Brown and Brendel have the best chance to stick on talent, likely no more than one of the WR’s and OL’s will stick and any of the defensive players could stick if they can stand out.


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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