June 14th Selections

Toronto(Stroman)(-220) – Stroman has been struggling, but I like them to bounce back v Efin, who is a wild card in his MLB debut, line is way overblown

Chicago Cubs(Lackey)(-116) – Round 2 should go to the Cubs as Gonzalez has been inconsistent

Baltimore(Tillman)(+160) – this is close to a coin flip, but Os have had Bostons number of late and Price has struggled at home

Atlanta(Teheran)(-125) – Teheran is Braves ace and gives them legit chance to win this series, but Braves need to hit behind him

New York Mets(DeGrom)(-170) – both teams struggling, SP heavily favours the Mets and they are at home

Tampa Bay(Odorizzi)(-115) – SP is a wash, TB is the hot team so I will ride them at home

Detroit(Zimmermann)(-125) – Det is the hot team and SP favours them slightly, CHW are slumping

Cleveland(Tomlin)(-120) – Tomiln gives Cle its best chance for a win this series, Royals tough at home, Young has struggled

Houston(Fister)(+130) – Cards are rolling, but so is Fister, this is Hou`s chance to split the series

New York Yankees(Eovaldi)(-110) – SP heavily favours the Yanks, but Coors games can be crazy and Col have the hotter bats

Arizona(Bradley)(+133) – SP favours the Dodgers, but they are struggling while Ari hot with the bats

Los Angeles Angels(Chacin)(-130) – Chacin the better of an ugly SP matchup, I like the Angels if this becomes a shoot out

Texas(Perez)(+100) – SP favours Tex on current form, however Perez does not like pitching at Oak. Surkamp has been worse however and is making a spot start due to injuries

San Diego(Pomeranz)(-130) – I like the Padres to bounce back behind their best SP, Koehler has been inconsistent, the explosion with the bats was an outlier

San Francisco(Bumgarner)(-250) – Garza is a wild card in season debut, draws a brutal first test v Bum and the Giants

Strong Plays: New York Mets(DeGrom)(-170)
Value Plays: Baltimore(Tillman)(+160), Arizona(Bradley)(+133), Texas(Perez)(+100)

Last Night: 4-6 and down 1.59 units
This Month: 90-74 and up 7.41 units
Season: 510-432 and down 12.84 units
Strong Plays: 0-1 and down 1.09 units
This Month: 9-8 and down 2.39 units
Season: 38-22 and up 3.36 units
Value Plays: 0-1 and down 1 unit
This Month: 9-10 and up .86 units
Season: 34-45 and down 3.26 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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