Chicago Bears

Free Agents

LB    Trevathan, Danny    F
OT    Massie, Bobby        F
LB    Freeman, Jerrell        F
DL    Hicks, Akiem        F
LS     Brewer, Aaron        F
G     Ramirez, Manny        F

The Draft

OLB      Floyd, Leonard            6’5    244    Georgia    1(9)
G           Whitehair, Cody    6’3    301    Kansas State    2(56)
DE         Bullard, Jonathan    6’3    285    Florida    3(72)
ILB        Kwiatkoski, Nick    6’2    243    West Virginia    4(113)
S            Bush, Deon            6’0    199    Miami(FL)    4(124)
CB         Hall, Deiondre’            6’1    199    Northern Iowa    4(127)
RB         Howard, Jordan            6’1    225    Indiana    5(150)
S            Houston-Carson, Deandre    6’0    201    William & Mary    6(185)
WR        Braverman, Daniel    5’10    180    Western Michigan    7(230)

WR Duncan, Kieren            5’10    176    Colorado State-Pueblo    UDFA
WR Keaton, Derek            5’10    188    Georgia Southern    UDFA
WR Peterson, Darrin            6’1    204    Liberty    UDFA
TE  Braunecker, Benjamin    6’3    250    Harvard    UDFA
TE  Sommers, Joseph              6’3    241    Wisconsin-Oshkosh    UDFA
T  Bellard, Adrian            6’5    296    Texas State University    UDFA
T  Kling, John                    6’7    313    Buffalo    UDFA
G Williams, Donovan            6’1    328    Lousiana-Lafayette    UDFA
DE  Adeyemi, Kenton            6’3    288    Connecticut    UDFA
DE  Robertson-Harris, Roy    6’5    251    UTEP       UDFA(LB)
CB  Calhoun, Traveze             6’0    192    Mississippi State    UDFA
CB  Peterson, Kevin            5’10    181    Oklahoma State    UDFA
P  Lecompte, Ben            5’9    200    North Dakota State    UDFA

For the Bears, the offseason was first about filling holes on the defense created by FA departures and shoring up the OL to try and keep Cutler upright for the season.

Massie and Trevathan were the huge gets in Free Agency, while Freeman, Hicks and Ramirez all figure to have roles to play. Obviously the Bears were not happy with their snapper so Brewer will be given a chance to compete.

The Draft brought a host of help to a defense that needed it, and another depth addition to the OL as well as a developmental type pass catcher.

Floyd had better be the next coming of Kyle Long otherwise this pick becomes a big time reach for a situational pass rusher.

Whitehair was solid value in round 2, and may well slot in right away in what should be an improved OL. At worst he will provide versatile depth.

Bullard was productive at Florida, but the Bears haven’t had much luck with Florida products on D of late, but if he happens to become another Alex Brown this pick will be a huge steal.

Kwiatkoski is a decent and versitile reserve type who can play anywhere on the second level.

Bush will join a revamped seconday and provide depth at worst, and might see the field sooner rather then later if the history of Bear mid round DB picks repeats itself.

Hall is a size prospect from a smaller school that might need a year to transition, but he can play corner or safety and will likely contribute down the road as the Bears have expiring contracts after this season on other DB guys.

Howard will join the committee approach to replacing Matt Forte. He was productive in college but at times had problems staying healthy. It might work out better for him here where he doesn’t have to be “the Man”

Houston-Carson is another versitile CB/S who not only was productive in the secondary, but blocked 9 kicks as well on special teams. Great value here.

Braverman was another great value as a high production WR in a pass happy offence at Western Michigan. At worst he will provide depth and and only cost a seventh round pick even if he doesn’t make it, which is unlikely.

Of the UDFA’s, Braunecker and either of the CB’s, Calhoun and Peterson have the best chances to stick on talent and team needs. Also anytime a team brings in a P or K he has a chance, so keep an eye on Lecompte.


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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