June 8th Selections

Chicago Cubs(Lackey)(-180) – Cubs should bounce back behind Lackey, Velasquez has cooled off after hot start

Detroit(Zimmermann)(-130) – Tigers should get the sweep behind Zimmermann, Dickey has been inconsistent

San Diego(Pomeranz)(-156) – SD should roll on behind Pomeranz, Braves are struggling with the bats

Arizona(Bradley)(-101) – going to ride the D’backs at home, SP favours them by a hair

New York Yankeees(Eovaldi)(-170) ā€“ NY should roll on, I like Eovaldi to bounce back from poor outing, Weaver hates facing NYY and LA is beat up at the moment

Baltimore(Tillman)(-147) – assuming there is no more silliness today, the O’s should get the sweep behind Tillman

New York Mets(Synderdaard) – (-135) Pit is hot, but Taillon is a wild card in his MLB debut so I will go with the Mets to bounce back

St Louis(Garcia)(-170) – Cards should bounce back behind Garcia, Simon is slowly improving but V Stl is not a great way to get out of a funk

Texas(Darvish)(-150) ā€“ Texas seems to have gotten into Houston’s head at the
moment, Darvish has been solid since returning off of DL

Washington(Scherzer)(-150) – This should be the Nats, but can Shields alter Chw’s mindset?

Milwaukee(Ch.Anderson)(-122) ā€“ Oakland ice cold at the moment, Mil is hot and Anderson even hotter of late

Minnesota(Nolasco)(-105) – going to ride the Twins hot bats here, can Chen get Mia out of its slump?

Cleveland(Carrasco)(-110) – the Tribe are hot and Walker has gone cold for Sea after really hot start to the year

Colorado(Rusin)(+175) – Col hot with the bats, SP favours the Dodgers but can Maedo shut down the Dodgers?

San Francisco(Bumgarner)(-116) – SP favours SF, Price has been getting it done via run support

Strong Plays: New York Yankeees(Eovaldi)(-170), Texas(Darvish)(-150), Milwaukee(Ch.Anderson)(-122)

Last Night: 7-9 and down 4.25
This Month: 54-42 and up 0.06 units
Season: 464-401 amd down 20.19 units
Strong Plats: 0-0 and even
Season: 33-18 and up 3.9 units
Value Plicks: 0-2 and now down 2 units
This Month: 3-5 and down 1.59 unitrs
Season: 28-40 and down 5.71

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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