Buffalo Bills

Free Agents

TE    Dray, Jim        F
S    Blanton, Robert    F
RB    Archer, Dri        W – DNR
LB    Brown, Zack    F

The Draft

DE    Lawson, Shaq    6’2    269    Clemson    1(19)
ILB    Ragland, Reggie    6’1    247    Alabama    2(41)
DT    Washington, Adolphus    6’3    301    Ohio State    3(80)
QB    Jones, Cardale    6’5    250    Ohio State    4c(139)
RB    Williams, Jonathan    5’10    219    Arkansas    5(156)
WR    Listenbee, Kolby    6’0    197    TCU    6(192)
CB    Seymour, Kevon    5’11    186    USC    6c(218)

WR     Allen, Davonte    61    196    Marshall    UDFA
WR     Chambers, Gary    6
3    209    Arizona State  UDFA
FB     Gronkowski, Glenn    6’2    238    Kansas State  UDFA
T     Lumpkin,.Keith    6’7    320    Rutgers    UDFA
G     Lalk, Jamison    6’5    305    Iowa State    UDFA
G      Lucas, Marquis    6’3    315    West Virginia    UDFA
C      Kugler, Robert    6’2    300    Purdue    UDFA
DT     Zimmer, Justin    6’3    302    Ferris State    UDFA
DE      Albright, Bryson    6’5    239    Miami(OH)    UDFA(LB)
DE      Louis, Claudell    6’4    291    Fresno State    UDFA
OLB     Striker, Eric    5’11    227    Oklahoma    UDFA
CB     Whigham, Julian    6’0    199    Syracuse    UDFA
K    Morgan, Marshall    6’2    196    Georgia    UDFA    Buf
LS    Ferguson, Reid    6’1    241    LSU    UDFA     Buf

The Bills were one of the cash strapped teams, and used what resources they had to wisely lock up their OL for the next couple of seasons. Blanton and Brown will prop up a surprisingly shaky defense while Dray adds some depth to the TE position

The Draft was also about upgrading the defense, as the first three and four of seven overall picks were on that side of the ball.

Lawson was a surprise get at the 19th spot and shouls start right away at DE in the Rob Ryan 3-4 look. He will aid the run D and has upside as a pass rusher, although that really wasn’t his job at Clemson. His shoulder is an issue and will have to be addressed at some point, but should not be a long term issue.

The Bills traded up to get Ragland in the 2nd round, and got great value as most had seen Ragland as a first round pick who fell due to a heart issue but has been cleared to play by a specialist to play. He will start right away with the forced departure of Mario Williams and the departure of Nigel Bradham.

Washington brings a lot of potential versatility to the DL and might also start right away. He also brings some baggage but the Bills were willing to take a chance to address a need with solid value.

The Bills needed a developmental type QB and Jones was the best available at this spot. With the Bills unlikey to pick up the option on Manuel, Jones will have a year to learn behind Taylor, and needs it.

Williams is a depth\insurance type of pick for the backfield who may or may not stick depending on health of others.

Listenbee isn’t a lock to be on the team either, but he brings a lot of speed to a position that is less stable than the RB room.

Seymour also brings lot of speed to the other side of the ball. but will likely have to make the team on special teams for now.

Of the UDFA’s, Gronkowski, Lucas, Striker, and the two specialists Marshall and Reid have the best chances to stick based on talent and team needs.


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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