Atlanta Falcons

Free Agents

C    Mack, Alex
DE    Shelby, Derrick
WR    Sanu, Mohamed
LB    Weatherspoon, Sean
LB    Reynolds, LaRoy
LB    Upshaw, Courtney
QB    Schaub, Matt

The Draft

S      Neal, Keanu            6’0    211    Florida    1(17)
OLB      Jones, Deion            6’0    222    LSU    2(52)
TE      Hooper, Austin            6`3    254    Stanford    3(81)
OLB      Campbell, De’Vondre    6’3    232    Minnesota    4(115)
G      Schweitzwer, Wes    6’4    300    San Jose State    6(195)
WR      Fuller, Devin            6’0    194    UCLA    7(238)

TE      Perkins, Josh    6’3    219    Washington    UDFA
WR      Glidden, David    5’8    173    Oklahoma State    UDFA
WR      Johnson, Daje    5’8    184    Texas            UDFA
WR      Mckissic, J.D.    5’9    190    Arkansas State    UDFA
RB      Wilds, Brandon    6’0    215    South Carolina    UDFA
FB      Ratelle, Will    5’9    252    North Dakota    UDFA
G      Ahmed, Shahbaz    6’3    303    Temple            UDFA
G     Elenz, Cody    6’3    290    Lamar(Tx)            UDFA
C     Reed, Jake            6’3    298    Indiana            UDFA
DT      Johnson, Corey    6’2    298    Kentucky            UDFA
DT      Mayes, Chris    6’3    338    Georgia            UDFA
DE     Dawson, Josh    6’3    263    Georgia            UDFA
OLB      Green, Torrey    6’2    238    Utah State            UDFA
OLB     McLennan, Ivan    6’3    238    Washington State  UDFA
CB     Johnson, Devonte  5’11 180    Weber State    UDFA
CB     Mims II, David    5’9    184    Texas State University     UDFA
CB     Neasman-Glover, Sharrod    5’11    206    Florida Atlantic    UDFA
CB     Poole, Brian    5’9    209    Florida    UDFA
CB     Sefon, Jordan    5’11    192    St Cloud State    UDFA

For the Falcons, this offseason was all about addressing the porus defense, with one glaring exception.

The two big Free Agent moves were Mack at center and Sanu at WR. Both were big time overpays, but of the two Mack will have by far as he is A) a huge upgrade over what they had at the position, and B) will go a long way towards keep Ryan upright and healthy.

The Draft continued the theme of defense, with 3 of the first 4 picks on that side of the ball, but it will take a couple of years to find out just how good this draft actually is.

Neal was a reach at 17, the general thought is that while the Falcons were high on Neal, they would have preferred to trade down from the 17 spot to where Neal might have been better value, but that said he brings an ability to cover TE’s and some attitude to a secondary badly in need of it.

Jones is an undersized MLB who brings elite speed to the table. There are mixed opinions as to the quality of his instincts, coverage and tackling ability, the Falcons apparently feel whatever issues there are can be corrected with coaching, although you wonder if they waffled about taking another LSU talent after watching Collins struggle through last year.

Hooper is yet another attempt to replace Tony Gonzalez, is a good reciever in the red zone but lacks elite blocking skills at this point having not been asked to much of it in college. Stanford has a track record of spitting out decent TE’s. Look for a lot more 2 TE sets from the Falcons this year, as current TE Toilolo excells in that area

Campbell is another reach, being an outside version of Jones, although he doesn’t have the speed he makes up for it with better pass rush skills and atheticism. He might be more of a project, but has the confidence to come in and challenge for playing time.

Schweltzer can play mutliple spots on the line, but proably fits best at guard long term, is experinced as a 3 year starter and has the smarts to contribute sooner rather than later.

Fuller is a converted QB who will provide depth at WR and has the speed and skills to contribute as a return man if Hester gets hurt again or underachieves.

Of the UDFA’s, Johnson and Poole likely have the best chance to stick on talent, although in truth given the state of the defense, anyone on that side of the ball could play their way into a job with a good showing


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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