Arizona Cardinals

First up a tour around the league looking at each Team’s offseason.

[CENTER]Arizona Cardinals[/CENTER]

Free Agents

S    Branch, Tyvon        F
DT    Mauro, Josh        F
TE    Momah, Ifeanyi        F
TE    Gresham, Jermaine    F
DE-LB Jones, Chandler        T
G    Mathis, Evan        F
RB    Johnson, Chris        F

The Draft

DT    Nkwmidche, Robert    6’3    294    Mississippi    1(29)
CB    Williams, Brandon    5’11    197    Texas A&M    3(92)
C    Boehm, Evan    6’2    302    Missouri    4(128)
S    Christian. Marqui    5’10    196    Midwestern State    5(167)
T    Toner, Cole     6’5    306    Harvard    5c(170)
CB     Miller, Harlan    5’11    182    Southeastern    6(205)

QB    Coker, Jake      6’5    236    Alabama  UDFA
RB     Penny, Elijhaa  6’1    233    Idaho       UDFA
RB     Baker, Jared    5’7    186    Arizona UDFA
WR     Beathard, Jeff  5’10  190    Appalachian State    UDFA
WR      Carlisle, Amir   5`9   191    Notre Dame    UDFA
WR    Hubert, Chris   5’8     170    Fayetteville State    UDFA
WR      King, Chris         6’0     202    Duquesne    UDFA
TE    Valles, Hakeen    6’3    242    Monmouth(NJ)    UDFA
G     Debord, Clay    6’6    308    Eastern Washington    UDFA(T)
G    Price, Givens    6’3    298    Nebraska    UDFA(T)
OLB    Louis, Lamar    5’10    224    LSU    UDFA
CB    Bouka, Eli    6’1    205    Calgary    UDFA
CB     Hartfield, Trevon    6-0    186    Southwestern Oklahoma State    UDFA
CB    Zamort, Ronald    5’9    177    Western Michigan    UDFA
S     Farley, Matthais    5’11    205    Notre Dame    UDFA
P    Swanson, Garrett    6’0    219    Fresno State    UDFA
LS     Canaday, Kameron    6’4    237    Portland State    UDFA
LS    Dillon, Daniel    6’2    239    Campbell    UDFA

Obviously the biggest move of the Free Agent Season was the trade for NE’s Chandler Jones, who will bolster a pass rush that was one of the Cards relative weaknesses last season, while the rest of the newcomers were about adding depth to the offensive side of the ball.

The Draft continued the theme with Nkwmidche falling to the end of the first round. He brings huge pass rush ability and if Ari can continue its recent run of suceess with off field troubled players they will have gotten one of the steals of the draft. In a suddenly crowded DL room, Salary cap type cuts are possible before the season starts.

Williams was a need pick but is very raw as a defender. He will contribute as a returner right away with his speed, but will need time to develop as a CB/S. You would have thought the Cards could have done better had they not traded their 2nd rounder in the Jones deal, but the upside is there to make this a solid pick in time.

Boehm was a solid fourth round value who will push Shipley for playing time right away and is at worst a high quality back-up.

Christian was a depth pick for an already strong area that may or may not be a good fit for the system, but is athletic enough to be able to cover recievers well.

Toner will need a year to fill out phyisically, but has the smarts to be a long term contributer if patience is shown with his development.

Miller, Like Christian, was a depth pick for a strong area, however his skill set suggests he might be able to have more of an immediate impact if he can play his way onto the field. it will be interesting to see how the secondary shakes out in camp.

Of the UFDA’s, Coker and Carlisle appear to have the best chances to stick based on team needs and talent level.


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  1. Good write-up on the Cardinals here. Looking forward to following your blog…

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