May 28th Selections

Toronto(Stroman)(-115) – Jays bats heating up with the weather, but Porcello has beaten them twice already this year

Kansas City(Ventura)(-105) – red hot Royals should roll on here, CHW slumping badly at the moment

Detroit(Boyd)(+103) – Boyd is a wild card after call up, but it might not matter as Det is hot and A’s are slumping with the bats

Chicago Cubs(Hendricks)(-260) – not wild about the line, but it is probably justified

Cleveland(D.Salazar)(-150) – Bal the better team, but Jimenez has been awful on the road so I will go with the Tribe to bounce back at home

Milwaukee(C.Anderson)(-140) – Cincy is awful on the mound right now, so I will go with the hot Brewers at home

Miami(Chen)(-135) – I like the Fish to bounce back with Stanton returning and behind their best starter, Blair is a wild card after call up and Braves are not hitting well at the moment

San Francisco(Bumgarner)(-155) – hard to go against Bumgarner, but Coors games always gives you pause

New York Yankees(Pineda)(-105) – SP is a wash, Yanks are hot while TB is ice cold at the moment

Texas(Darvish)(-125) – Darvish obviously a wild card, but I like Texas to bounce back as Nicasio has been to shaky to trust right now

Washington(G.Gonzalez)(-118) – I like the Nats to bounce back behind Gonzalez assuming he has his normal catcher back, Wainwright getting better but still to shaky to trust in this matchup

New York Mets(Syndergaard)(-137) – Mets should roll on behind Syndergaard, Maeda has slumped after hot start

Los Angeles Angels(Weaver)(+120) – LA hot with the bats, can’t trust Kuechel just yet , Weaver coming off of a solid start and has good numbers v Hou aside from last start last year

Seattle(Miley)(-155) – I like the M’s to bounce back behind Miley, Hughes has been awful this year but does have good numbers v Sea career wise

Arizona(Greinke)(-200) – don’t like the line, but I do like the D’backs as this is their best chance to get a win in this series as Vargas has struggled

Strong Plays: Milwaukee(C.Anderson)(-140), New York Yankees(Pineda)(-105), New York Mets(Syndergaard)(-137)

Value Plays: Detroit(Boyd)(+103), Los Angeles Angels(Weaver)(+120)

Yesterday: 7-8 and down 3.14 units
This Month: 175-176 and down 23.87 units
Season: 376-333 and down 20.89 units
Strong Plays: 0-0 and even
This Month: 16-7 and up 5.83 units
Season: 24-11 and up 4.57 units
Value Plays: 1-1 and up 0.5 units
This Month: 16-21 and down 1.22 units
Season: 23-30 and down 1.55 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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