May 13th Selections

Chicago Cubs(Hammel)(-150) – SP is a wash, I will go with the hot Cubbies at home

Baltimore(Tillman)(-145) – Verlander is heating up but Tigers are not yet, so I will go with the O’s and Tillman at home

New York Yankees(+135) – everything says this should be CHW, yet they have struggled v NYY and Yanks are hot at the moment

Washington(G.Gonzalez)(-170) – Koehler improving, but his mates must be demoralized after last night, Gonzalez should continue the Nats roll

Philadelphia(Hellickson)(-120) – SP favours the Reds but they have been cold, so I will go with the Phillies at home

Boston(S.Wright)(-140) – McCullers is a wild card coming off of the DL, but I like the hot Sox and Wright at home

Cleveland(Tomlin)(-150) – as long as Tomlin can get deep into the game, the Tribe should get this done v currently hapless Twins

Oakland(Hill)(+105) – Oak has been cold this road trip, but Hill is red hot on the road and TB has been very inconsistent with the bats

Texas(Perez)(-103) – Dickey seems to be cursed at the moment, so I will go with the Rangers at home

San Diego(Friedrich)(+130) – SP’s are both wildcards, so I will ride the hot Padres in this one

Kansas City(Volquez)(-175) – line is a little overblown considering the Royals struggles, but hapless Braves might be the cure for what ails them, even though Teheran has pitched well team isn’t hitting behind him

New York Mets(Harvey)(-118) – Coors games can be crazy, but Mets have owned the Rockies of late

San Francisco(Samardzija)(-145) – Miller hasn’t figured it out yet this year, although he likes to face the Giants in his career, i will avoid him for now

Seattle(Karns)(-145) – Angels cold despite outburst last game so I will ride the M’s at home

St Louis(Wacha)(+115) –SP is a wash, Cards the hot team at the moment

Strong Plays: Cleveland(Tomlin)(-150)
Value Plays: Oakland(Hill)(+105), St Louis(Wacha)(+115)

Last Night: 5-3 and up 2.22 units
This Month: 87-70 and up 12.21 units
Season: 285-227 and up 15.19 units
Strong Plays: 1-0 and up 1 unit
This Month: 10-2 and up 7.1 units
Season: 17-7 and up 5.84 units
Value Plays: 1-0 and up 1.22 units
This Month: 10-8 and up 3.78 units
Season: 17-17 and up 3.45 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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