May 9th Selections

Washington(Strasburg)(-200) – not going to go against Strasburg here, but the line is poor value

Kansas City(Young)(+120) – Nova is a wild card out of the bullpen, nothing else in it so I will go with the struggling Royals as a dog

Boston(Buchholtz)(-135) – Oak and Gray struggling enough I can’t trust them here, even though Buchholtz has been shaky

Cincinnati(Straily)(+112) – Pit might be the better team and are heating up a bit but Niese has struggled enough that I can’t trust him here, Straily has been solid

Milwaukee(Peralta)(+230) – this should be the Fish, but the line is stupid even with Fernandez out there

Texas(Lewis)(-115) – Lewis needs to keep the ball in the yard, but has owned Texas of late and Gonzalez is a wild card in a spot start

Chicago Cubs(Lester)(-235) – not wild about the line but it is justified given the respective offences

Baltimore(Wilson)(+105) – Berrios is legit despite the high ERA, but Twins struggling with the bats so the O’s are the obvious choice here

Cleveland(Kluber)(-115) – Indians hot, Kluber getting back in form and owns the Astros in any case, Fiers getting better but inconsistent and draws the bad matchup here

Colorado(Chatwood)(-170) – Ari is the better team but Bradley has been awful thus far this season and Col has owned Ari this year in any case, nothing to suggest that changes here

Seattle(Hernandez)(-135) – both SP’s coming of bad starts likely what keeping the line down, that and TB, but with this line you have to ride Fernandez at home

NY Mets(Matz)(-105) – SP favours the Mets by a margin, both teams going to be jacked for this, but Dodgers scuffling too much to trust here

Toronto(Aa.Sanchez)(-128) – all the numbers favour Tor, Sanchez making his interleague debut

Strong Plays: Colorado(Chatwood)(-170)
Value Plays: Baltimore(Wilson)(+105)

Yesterday: 10-5 and up 3.5 units
This Month: 62-47 and up 13.27 units
Season: 260-203 and up 16.25 units
Strong Plays: 1-1 and down 0.2 units
This Month: 7-1 and up 5.8 units
Season: 14-6 and up 4.54 units
Value Plays: 1-0 and up 1.1 units
This Month: 8-5    and up 4.46 units
Season: 15-14 and up 4.13 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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