April 26th Selections

Washington(Scherzer)(-200) – not much in it pitching wise, Was is the better team by a mile

Chicago White Sox(Sale)(-120) – Sale has been hot, but can he do it against an elite hitting team? Dickey has been shaky and
doesn’t like facing CWS

Oakland(Hill)(-125) – this is a coin flip, SP favours Oak slightly as Pelfrey had struggled and the team has not hit behind him, but they have hit Hill hard as a reliever

Boston(Price)(-200) – not wild about the line as SP is closer than you would think, but Braves are not hitting so Bos should get this done

New York Mets(Colon)(-152) – SP is a bit closer that you might think as both are coming off of poor/mediocre starts, but Mets have owned Cin lately

Baltimore(Jimenez)(+112) – SP is a wash, Baltimore has the better bats by a margin

Texas(Griffin)(+105) – SP favours Tex slightly, NY the “hotter” team but too inconsistent to trust

Milwaukee(Nelson)(+190) – both teams hitting well, Nelson hasn’t liked facing CHC but this is a coin flip with both teams hitting well so the line doesn’t make sense to me

Minnesota(Nolasco)(-115) – Cle is the better team, but Anderson is struggling while Nolasco has been solid thus far..

Pittsburgh(Cole)(-160) – this should be Pittsburgh, but who knows at Coors?

St Louis(Martinez)(-130) – I like the Cards to bounce back V Arizona, have to stay away from Miller til he shows a pulse in a game

Kansas City(Volquez)(-115) – Angels are hitting much, and don’t figure to do much v Volquez, so I like the Royals even though
Weaver was better last start

Houston(Keuchel)(-135) – Keuchel has been inconsistent, but Hou the better team by a margin

Miami(Keohler)(+270) – I know it is hard to go against Kershaw at home, but this line is silly

San Francisco(Cueto)(-195) – not wild about the line as SP is close to a wash, but SF has the better bats by a margin

Strong Plays: St Louis(Martinez)(-130)
Value Plays: Baltimore(Jimenez)(+112)

Last Night: 3-9 and down 6.85 units
This Month: 156-131 and down 4.49 units
Strong Plays: 0-1 and down 1.35 units
This Month: 2-4 and down 4.15 units
Value Plays: 0-1 and down 1 unit
This Month: 1-7 and down 6 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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