April 13th Selections

Miami(+170) – both teams need this, Bos scuffling a tad so I will ride the hot team

Toronto(-185) – Raps should get this done barring a brain cramp

Charlotte(-360) – not wild about the line, but Hornets should get this done

Detroit(+130) – in a battle of the backups in a meaningless game, I will go with the underdog

Atlanta(-300) – Not wild about the line, but Hawks the healthier team and need this game

Philadelphia(+450) – a hate the price pick: This should be the Bulls of course, but in a meaningless game who knows?

Dallas(-200) – Spurs sitting everybody, Dallas needs this and should get it done

Sacramento(+1500) – a hate the price pick: Rockets need this and Sac sitting out its guys so should be no contest

Indiana(+170) – Indy the better team but might tank this one with nothing to play for, don’t trust the Bucks in any case

Minnesota(-500) – normally this line would be a joke in a meaningless game, but Wolves are feeing good about themselves while the Pelicans just want to get it over with

Memphis(+2500) – A hate the price pick: hard to see GS gagging on the record, but can’t risk 50 units on ot with nothing else to play for

LA Lakers(+155) – assuming Houston doesn’t gag, Jazz will have nothing to play for and Lakers will send Kobe out with a win

LA Clippers(+170) – Clips planning to rest everybody, might get this done anyway v hapless Suns

Denver(+525) – A hate the price pick: Portland needs this and should get it done at  home, but don’t quite trust their shaky D at the moment

Last Night: 3-2 and up 1 unit
This month: 43-48 and up 8.3 units
Season to Date: 512-630 and down 181.68 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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