First Round Playoff Picks

Sunday’s Results: 2-0     and up 2.2 units
This Month: 37-29 and down 3.15 units
Season to Date: 604-580 and down 133.05 units

A bummer of a season as I never got any kind of positive momentum going at all with a 261-270    down 76.53 units record before the New Year and only a minor improvement of a 343-310 down 56.52 units the rest of the way. Netting an overall preformance drop of about 20 units compared to last season.

Oh Well…On to the Playoffs!

First Round


NY Islanders at Florida      –  Florida in 6  –  If the Isles had their #1 goalie I might be calling for an upset here as I think Florida has overachieved this year and beyonf Jager has little experience at this level. Flip side neither do the Isles and without their goalie I can’t see them getting this done.

Detroit at Tampa Bay  – Detroit in 6 – Upset special here as Tampe isn’t the same without Stamkos and Detroit is feeling good about itself and has the goaltending to get this done

Philadelphia at Washington  –  Washington in 5 – As nice a feel-good story as the Flyers are, I can’t see them having answers for the Caps, who are as good as it gets right now

NY Rangers at Pittsburgh  –   Pittsburgh in 7 – These series are always battle royals, although NY might have the goaltending edge, that is about the only plus that they have here.


Nashville at Anaheim  –  Anaheim in 7 – This should be the Ducks, but the Preds have enough to throw a scare into them given how inconsistent the Ducks have been

San Jose at Los Angeles  –  Los Angeles in 5 – Sharks home woes prevent them from getting this done, If they could play every game in LA they might have a chance

Minnesota at Dallas  –  Dallas in 5 – Wild doesn’t have the offensive pucnh to hang with the Stars

Chicago at     St Louis  –  St Louis in 7 – BLues goaltending cancels out superior Hawks offence, This will be the best series of the round

Enjoy everybody!


About Ian C Gower

I am 45 years old an a resident of Guelph, Ontario Canada. I am a certified sports junkie but i am liable to comment on anything at any time.
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