MLB August 18th Selections

Tor(Happ)(+150) – going to ride the hot Jays and Happ here as Arrieta doesn’t like seeing Tor and Cubs scuffling a little

LAA(Heaney)(+122) – Heaney is a bit of a wild card but Bal coming home off a long trip might not be focused, LA took 2 of 3 off them in LA last week

Stl(Carlos Martinez)(-120) – Cards should be favoured here, but this isn’t a gimmie

Bos(Pomeranz)(-125) – these games are always coin flips, will go with Bos at home

LAD(Hill)(-220) – Dodgers should roll on behind Hill

Mia(Nicolino)(-103) – tough call here in a coin flip, Mia is playing better and SP favours them a tad

Sea(Erasmo Ramirez)(+115) – SP favours the Rays, but their bats are cold so I will go with the ‘hotter” Mariners

Atl(Dickey)(-115) – Atl should get this done at home behind the knuckleball of Dickey

Tex(Cashner)(-200) – this should be Tex, although SP numbers are weird v the other team so maybe not a gimmie in spite of what the line suggests

Min(Ervin Santana)(+102) – coin flip game, give Min a slight edge at home

Oak(Manaea)(+190) – can’t swallow this line as much as Astros and Keuchel are struggling

KC(Kennedy)(+185) – this line is too much given Cle is coming off of a doubleheader while KC is rested

Col(Marguez)(-170) – Col should get this done, but you never quite know at Coors

Was(Scherzer)(-210) – Nats rolling on in spite of injures, but this line is high

SF(Matt Moore)(-155) – line is high considering SP is very ugly, SF has a little momentum after last night so I will ride them at home

Yesterday: 6-5 and down 1.37 units
This Month: 91-104 and down 33.96 units
Season: 807-814 and down 118.43 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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CFL Week#9 Selections

Tonight: 8:30 PM ET Edmonton at Winnipeg 1 58.5

This will be fun, Edm has been the more consistent and better team this season, but it could go either way

The Pick: Edmonton -1 Under 58.5

Friday: 7:30 PM ET Ottawa at Hamilton 4 56

Another week, another close game for Ottawa, this time a win over the not quite there yet Hamilton team.

The Pick: Ottawa -4 Over 56


Friday: 10:30 PM ET Calgary at BC 5 56.5

This should be Calgary, but BC will be in an ornery mood after last week so I think they will be able to hang around in this one.

The Pick: BC +5 (Calgarty SU) Over 56.5


Saturday: 4:00 PM ET Montreal at Toronto -3 52.5

With QB Ray listed as proabable, I will go with the Argos to bounce back here at home, might need to update this if developments warrant.

The Pick: Toronto -3 Over 52.5

Last Week: Vs Spread 2-2(3-1 SU) Totals 1-3
Season: Vs Spread 16-16(22-9-1 SU) Totals 17-15 and overall down 1 unit

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB August 17th Selections

Cle(Carrasco)(-180) – have to ride the Indians curse over the Twins here in an otherwise tough call

Hou(Fiers)(-125) – you want to take Hou at home, but Fiers recent work has been troubling

CHC(Lester)(-220) – line is high, Cubs should be favoured but this might not be the gimmie it appears to be

Col(Hoffman)(-180) – line is high as SP is ugly, but Col should be favoured at home in a shootout type game

Tor(Rowley)(+145) – coin flip game, give Jays the edge as the hot team at home

Pit(Taillon)(-135) – coin flip game, give Pit the edge at home and slightly on SP, Wainwright may or may not have an elbow problem

NYY(Severino)(-200) – line is high considering these games can always be crazy, but Yanks should be favoured to get the sweep

Cle(Merritt)(-122) – Slegers is a wildcard in his MLB debut, so I will go with the Tribe to get the sweep

Tex(Tyson Ross)(-146) – Tex should get this done at home, CHW are cold and have the bad travel schedule

Was(Jackson)(+100) – Nats should have the edge here, SP favours SD but Jackson beat them a week ago and Nats are the better team

SF(Samardzija)(-117) – Giants should get this done at home, but with these two who knows

Tuesday: 5-10 and down 6.72 units
This Month: 85-99 and down 32.59 units
Season: 801-809 and down 117.06 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB August 15th Selections

Hou(Peacock)(-116) – Hou should bounce back behind Peacock, Banda still trying to figure things out

NYM(deGrom)(+130) – I like the Mets behind deGrom, he is more of a sure thing than Gray at this point

Was(Gio Gonzalez)(-112) – I like the Nats at home behind Gonzalez, even sans Trout

Tor(Marco Estrada)(-123) – SP is ugly although both are coming off of good outings, I will ride Tor’s hot bats for now

Bos(Porcello)(-135) – both teams are hot. Bos is at home and give them the tiniest of edges on SP

Mia(Straily)(-105) – Marlins should be favoured at home, but if Bum gets any run support he could steal this one

Mil(Davies)(-117) – coin flip game, give the Brewers a slight edge at home

Det(Verlander)(-113) – I like Det to bounce back behind Verlander, but this could go either way

CHC(Hendricks)(-175) – Cubs should be favoured, but not sure this is a gimmie given Hendricks recent struggles

Min(Colon)(+155) – going to ride the hot Twins and Colon here, he has had two good starts in a row and Cle has the bad travel schedule

Col(Freeland)(-141) – going to ride the Rockies at home even though Freeman is a bit of a wildcard off of the DL, Atl is struggling

KC(Hammel)(-115) – give the Royals a slight edge on SP, but their isn’t much in this one

Bal(Miley)(+100) – give the O’s the edge on SP, as Albers is a wildcard but was solid at AAA

CHW(Miguel Gonzalez)(+300) – have to stay away from this line as
Gonzalez did well v LA earlier this year, but LA should still be favoured

SD(Lamet)(-140) – I like the Padres at home behind Lamet, but this isn’t
a gimmie

Last Night: 8-3 and up 5 units
This Month: 80-89 and down 25.87 units
Season: 796-799 and down 110.34 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB August 14th Selections

Cle(Bauer)(-105) – Cle has the bad travel schedule so normally I might stay away, but SP favours them and Bos might let down a bit after Yankees series

NYY(Cessa)(-155) – both teams scuffling so line is high, will give the Yanks a slight edge at home in a coin flip

Tor(Tepesch)(-107) – Tor is the hot team coming in so I will ride them at home

Mia(Conley)(-130) – Mia is the “hot” team coming in, so I will ride them here, but SP is a mess so this isn’t a given

Tex(Martin Perez)(-108) – can’t trust Fulmer right now, will ride Perez coming off a great start

Cin(Wojciechowski)(+180) – you want to take the Cubs, but the line is too high after Q’s last outing

Col(Bettis)(-149) – I will go with the feel good story Bettis here, Teheran has been too shaky to trust, but Coors games can be crazy

Ari(Greinke)(-150) – I like Ari at home behind Greinke, Hou is scuffling more than Ari at the moment

KC(Junis)(+100) – KC has the momentum and Cotton is scuffling so I will give KC the edge in a coin flip game

Sea(Gallardo)(+103) – M’s should be favoured at home over slumping O’s, but SP is ugly so who knows

Phi(Eickhoff)(+105) – SP favours the Phillies, so I will go with them to snap their skid

Yesterday: 8-8 and down 1.52 units
This Month: 72-86 and down 30.87 units
Season: 788-796 and down 115.34 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB August 13th Selections

Was(Cole)(-155)(G1) – SP is ugly, give the Nats the edge at home

Pit(Kuhl)(+121) – Happ has been on a roll, but Pit knows him well as he played there and Jays down a big bat in Donaldson, so I will ride the Bucs here

Cle(Kluber)(-200) – this should be Cle behind Kluber, but the way my luck is going TB”s bats will wake up today

Min(Ervin Santana)(-115) – Vs Santana is not how Boyd figures to get right side up again, but Twins bullpen might be an issue

Col(Marquez)(-107) – give Col the edge in a coin flip game on SP, can they slow down Stanton

Phi(Eflin)(-113) – SP is ugly, will go with Phi at home, but not with a lot of enthusiasm

CHW(Holland)(+125) – you want to take KC here, but Vargas has been so cold since the break I can’t trust them

Mil(Garza)(-140) – I like the Brewers at home, Romano hasn’t quite figured it out yet

Stl(Wacha)(-190) – knuckleball can always be an issue, but Cards should roll on here

Hou(Keuchel)(-145) – this is ugly, will go with Hou because at this point Cashner’s neck issues concern mem more than Keuchel’s

Bal(Hellickson)(-110) – Bal is the hot team so I will give them the edge in a coin flip game

LAA(Bridwell)(+123) – hot Angels would seem to be a no brainer, but the only team to beat Bridwell thus far is Sea

LAD(Maeda)(-300) – Dodgers should roll on here behind Maeda, line might almost be justified, Perdomo improving but hasn’t beaten LA

Ari(Godley)(+101) – staying away from the struggling Cubs, SP favours Ari a tad anyway

Was(Scherzer)(-250)(G2) – don’t like taking DH Sweeps, but this SP leaves me no choice

Bos(Sale)(-147) – Bos should get this done, but these games can always be crazy

Yesterday: 3-11 and down 10.11 units
This Month: 64-78 and down 29.35 units
Season: 780-788 and down 113.82 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB August 12th Selections

Pit(Trevor Williams)(-105) – Pit should be favoured v a debutante starter in Rowley, but the Jays bats are always scary at home

NYY(Severino)(-160) – line is too high, but give the Yanks the edge at home in a coin flip game

Min(Berrios)(-111) – Twins should get this done v struggling Zimmermann

TB(Archer)(-135) – SP favours TB, can they get the bats going?

Was(Edwin Jackson)(-185) – Ok let’s try this again, Nats should be favoured at home, but with this SP matchup it isn`t a given

Phi(Nola)(-132) – Nola is on fire, so I will ride him v the struggling Matz

CHW(Shields)(+135) – Royals are really struggling, so I will ride “hot” CHW even though SP favours the Royals

Cin(Feldman)(+126) – Feldman is a wild card, but Phi hot and he has good numbers v Brewers so i will ride him v struggling Suter

Col(Hoffman)(-120) – coin flip game, give the Rockies a slight edge on SP

Stl(Carlos Martinez)(-230) – line a little steep, but Cards should get this done at home v rookie starter Sims

Hou(Fiers)(-134) – this should be Houston, but given their struggles it isn’t a given

CHC(Lester)(-111) – give the Cubs the edge here, but Lester’s issues v the run game always gives pause v good running teams like Ari

Bal(Bundy)(-108) – going to ride the hot Bundy in an otherwise coin flip game

Sea(Erasmo Ramirez)(-135) – tough call here, but have to go with the M’s at home on Edgar’s night

SD(Chacin)(+210) – this to me is a wash, going to stay away from the big line

Last Night: 8-6 and down 0.56 units
This Month: 61-67 and down 19.24 units
Season: 777-777 and down 103.71 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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