NHL February 19th Selections

Minnesota at NY Islanders

The Pick: NY Islanders(+105)

I will go with NYI at home, they are coming in hot by their standards and a matinee coming east won’t help the Wild.


Washington at Buffalo

The Pick: Washington(-162)

This should be the Caps, however I don’t think this is a gimmie as they have been team inconsistency this year.


Boston at Calgary

The Pick: Calgary(-105)

Flip a coin here, will go with the Flames at home to avenge last week’s loss, but this could go either way.


Ottawa at Nashville

The Pick: Ottawa(+190)

Nashville scuffling enough I can’t trust them on this line.


Los Angeles at Chicago

The Pick: Chicago(-125)

Flip a coin here, both teams just snapped skids so no real idea what to expect here, so I will go with the ‘Hawks at home, but without much enthusiasm.


Anaheim at Vegas

The Pick: Vegas(-155)

Vegas has to be favoured at home, but the Ducks need the win more at this point, so it isn’t a gimmie.


Yesterday: 4-3 and up 1.05 units
This Month: 81-55 and up 13.67 units
Season: 457-409 and down 38.07 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NHL February 18th Selections

Philadelphia at NY Rangers

The Pick: Philadelphia(-135)

Flyers have to be favoured here, however G Lundqvist always gives you a chance to steal a game.


Edmonton at Colorado

The Pick: Colorado(-145)

Avs should get this done at home, getting MacKinnon back is a bonus.


New Jersey at Carolina

The Pick: New Jersey(+150)

Flip a coin here, NJ is the hot team so I will ride them, but nothing is a given on the road.


Pittsburgh at Columbus

The Pick: Pittsburgh(-105)

Another coin flip here, Philly in better form so I will ride them, but you never know with divisional games, Columbus is getting lots of shots but not scoring.


Toronto at Detroit

The Pick: Detroit(+105)

Yet another coin flip game, Tor playing its backup goalie so I will go with Det at home, but who knows, Tor’s offence can be scary at times.


Florida at Winnipeg

The Pick: Florida(+170)

I like the Jets at home here, but not enough to swallow this line v a Florida team that is playing well, even though the Panthers are on a back to back.


Dallas at San Jose

The Pick: San Jose(-110)

I like the Sharks to avenge New Year’s eve loss at Dallas, but Stars are playing well so this isn’t a gimmie.


Last Night: 5-6 and down 0.65 units
This Month: 77-52 and up 12.62 units
Season: 453-406 and down 39.12 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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NHL February 17th Selections

Los Angeles at Buffalo

The Pick: Buffalo(+125)

LA should likely be favoured, but an east coast matinee is trouble for a west coast team, so I will go with Buffalo to steal this one.


NY Rangers at Ottawa

The Pick: Ottawa(-115)

Will go with the Sens at home, NYR have waved the flag on this season.


Anaheim at Minnesota

The Pick: Minnesota(-125)

Will go with the Wild at home, a matinee won’t be to the liking of the Ducks.


Edmonton at Arizona

The Pick: Arizona(-105)

Edmonton is always dangerous, but I think the Coyotes continue to feast on the weak and sad.


New Jersey at Tampa Bay

The Pick: New Jersey(+190)

TB should likely be favoured here, but NJ playing well enough I can’t swallow this line,


Toronto at Pittsburgh

The Pick: Pittsburgh(-130)

Flip a coin here, will go with Pit at home.


Montreal at Vegas

The Pick: Montreal(+200)

Montreal beat Vegas earlier this year, but Vegas should be favoured at home, however the line is stupid.


Detroit at Nashville

The Pick: Detroit(+190)

Det always seem to play Nashville tough, Preds shaky enough I don’t like this line.


Washington at Chicago

The Pick: Washington(-115)

Have to favour the Caps here v the ice cold ‘Hawks.


Florida at Calgary

The Pick: Calgary(-125)

Flip a coin here, will go with the Flames at home.


Boston at Vancouver

The Pick: Boston(-180)

Not wild about the line, but Bees should be favoured here.

Last Night: 3-1 and up 2.9 units
This Month: 72-46 and up 13.27 units
Season: 448-400 and down 38.47 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NHL February 16th Selections

Philadelphia at Columbus

The Pick: Philadelphia(+120)

Both teams playing decently of late, Philly is getting results, Columbus isn’t.


NY Islanders at Carolina

The Pick: NY Islanders(+170)

A tough ask of the Isles on a back to back after a rivalry win, but I can’t trust the ‘Canes on this line.


Colorado at Winnipeg

The Pick: Colorado(+175)

I want to take the Jets at home, but this is close to a coin flip for me so I can’t swallow this line.


St Louis at Dallas

The Pick: Dallas(-140)

Flip a coin here, will go with the rested Stars at home, but without a lot of enthusiasm.


Last Night: 7-4 and up 1.6 units
This Month: 69-45 and up 10.37 units
Season: 445-399 and down 41.37 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NHL February 15th Selections

Carolina at New Jersey

The Pick: Carolina(-115)

Flip a coin here, Carolina in better form at the moment, will NJ shootout win last game be a turning point.


NY Rangers at NY Islanders

The Pick: NY Islanders(-125)

Flip a coin when these two get together, I wil go with the Isles at home.


Los Angeles at Pittsburgh

The Pick: Pittsburgh(-180)

Pens should get this done at home, Kings scuffling on this trip.


Buffalo at Ottawa

The Pick: Ottawa(-128)

Uggo game of the night, will go with the Sens at home but your guess is as good as mine.


Detroit at Tampa Bay

The Pick: Detroit(+200)

TB is scuffling so I can’t trust them on this line, but they have owned Det at home.


Calgary at Nashville

The Pick: Nashville(-185)

Line is higher than I would like with both teams playing well, but Nashville should be favoured at home.


Washington at Minnesota

The Pick: Minnesota(-140)

Tough call, Wild are hot so I wil ride them at home, but Caps offence always scary to deal with.


Anaheim at Chicago

The Pick: Anaheim(-120)

Hawks are cold, so I will ride the Ducks, but the Hawks have too much talent to be playing this poorly.


Montreal at Arizona

The Pick: Arizona(-115)

Price always gives you a chance, but with the Habs on a back to back and struggling to score, I will go with Arizona at home.


Edmonton at Vegas

The Pick: Vegas(-200)

The line scares me a little since Vegas has been oddly poor v the Oilers this year, but I think that changes tonight.


Vancouver at San Jose

The Pick: San Jose(-220)

Hate the line, but like the Sharks at home with the Canucks on a back to back.

Last Night: 3-0 and up 3 units
This Month: 62-41 and up 8.77 units
Season: 438-395 and down 42.97 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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NBA February 15th Selections

Denver at Milwaukee

The Pick: Milwaukee(-150)

Tough call, never sure what you are going to get last game before the break, but the form book says this should be the Bucks at home.


LA Lakers at Minnesota

The Pick: LA Lakers(+450)

Can’t trust the Wolves on this line, even against D-Challenged Lakers, who will be in a foul mood.

Last Night: 7-5 and up 1.25 units
This Month: 56-47 and down 6.05 units
Season: 512-487 and down 101.6 units

Enjoy the games and the break everybody!


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NBA February 14th Selections

Atlanta at Detroit

The Pick: Atlanta(+320)

Hawks have been poor on the road, but can’t trust the Pistons with their defensive issues resurfacing again.


Charlotte at Orlando

The Pick: Charlotte(-210)

Flip a coin here, Charlotte have owned the Magic of late.


Miami at Philadelphia

The Pick: Philadelphia(-330)

76ers should keep their homestand perfect here vs slumping Heat.


Indiana at Brooklyn

The Pick: Indiana(-190)

Focus has not been an issue for the Pacers, who should get this done v lowly Nets.


Washington at New York

The Pick: Washington(-190)

Wizards should get this done v slumping Knicks.


LA Clippers at Boston

The Pick: LA Clippers(+170)

Staying away from the struggling Celts for now, Clips are hot at the moment.


Toronto at Chicago

The Pick: Toronto(-260)

Raps should get this done as long as they are focused, but with the Bulls getting Dunn back this is a bit scary.


Sacramento at Houston

The Pick: Sacramento(+1000)

Rockets should be favoured of course, but could let down heading into the break, the line is stupid in any case.


Oklahoma City at Memphis

The Pick: Oklahoma City(-210)

Hate this line, OCK should bounce back, but will they check out early for the break?


LA Lakers at New Orleans

The Pick: LA Lakers(+170)

Not sure I trust NO yet sans Cousins, LA playing much better lately despite losing in Dallas.


Phoenix at Utah

The Pick: Phoenix(+550)

It should be the Jazz at home with Booker a maybe, but I can’t swallow this line v the new look Suns in case Utah decided to check out early for the break.


Golden State at Portland

The Pick: Golden State(-245)

GS should be favoured, but this isn’t a gimme before the break.


Last Night: 1-5 and down 5.9 units
This Month: 49-42 and down 7.3 units
Season: 505-482 and down 102.85 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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