NHL December 13th Selections

Arizona(+125) at Buffalo(-145)

The Pick: Buffalo(-145)

Flip coin here, I will go with the Sabres at home, but without a lot of enthusiasm as both teams are closed.



Los Angeles(+184) at Columbus(-205)

The Pick: Los Angeles(+184)

Both teams struggling, Columbus should likely be favoureds at home as the Kings are more beat up, but I can’t trust the Jackets on this line.


Carolina(-105) at Montreal(-115)

The Pick: Montreal(-115)

Both teams are scuffling, I will go with the Habs to biounce back after clunking as the ‘Canes are struggling to score at the moment.




Toronto(+105) at Tampa Bay(-125)

The Pick: Tampa Bay(-125)

Bolts are red hot and should be favoured at home, but G Vasilevskiy’s return is a wildcard against a top offense.




Vancouver(+180) at Nashville(-220)

The Pick: Vancouver(+180)

Canucks are on a mini-roll, Preds are tough at home but have been inconsistent of late overall so I can’t trust them on this line.




Florida(+145) at Minnesota(-165)

The Pick: Minnesota(-165)

I will go with the Wild at home as the better team, but with both teams scuffling I am nervous about the line.




Edmonton(+155) at Winnipeg(-175)

The Pick: Edmonton(+155)

Flip a coin here, this will be a lot of fun, I will go with the improved Oilers as they are playing much better D under Hitchcock.




Dallas(+155) at San Jose(-175)

The Pick: San Jose(-175)

Sharks are rolling and are at home, Stars have cooled off on this trip.




Last Night: 2-2 and down 0.8 units
This Month: 48-35 and up 7.26 units
Season: 219-200 and down 12.02 units
Enjoy the games everybody!

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NBA December 13th Selections

LA Lakers(+180) at Houston(-220)

The Pick: LA Lakers(+180)

Lakers are playing better and have been more consistent than the Lakers, but nothing is a given on the road.



LA Clippers(+120) at San Antonio(-140)

The Pick: San Antonio(-140)

Spurs are rolling again while the Clippers are scuffling.




Chicago(+175) vs Orlando(at Mexico City, Mexico)(-210)

The Pick: Chicago(+175)

The venue is a wildcard, can’t trust the Magic on this kind of a line, they are scuffling and the Bulls have won 5 straight against them.




Dallas(-275) at Phoenix(+230)

The Pick: Dallas(-275)

Mavericks should be favoured here, but are a bit knicked up so it might not be a gimmie.



Last Night: 9-2 and up 7.6 units
This Month: 45-42 and down 16.1 units
Season: 190-216 and down 59.2 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NFL Week #15 Selections


Kansas City(-175)
New England(-140)
LA Rams(-440)
New Orleans(-260)

Vs Spread

Kansas City -3.5
Denver -3
NY Jets +6
Arizona +8.5
Buffalo -2.5
Chicago -5.5
Oakland +3
Dallas +3
Miami +8
Tennessee +2.5
Washington +7
Baltimore -8
Seattle -4.5
New England -2.5
Philadelphia +9
New Orleans -6.5



Last Week: ML 5-11     Vs Spread 8-8
Season: ML 117-88-2       Vs Spread 99-87-5 and overall down 25.32 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NBA December 12th Selections

Detroit(+190) at Charlotte(-230)

The Pick: Charlotte(-230)

Have to favour the Hornets at home v slumping Pistons.




Milwaukee(-125) at Indiana(+105)

The Pick: Indiana(+105)

Tough call, Pacers and Turner are on a mini-roll so I have to ride them, Bucks are solid but have been inconsistent on the road.



Brooklyn(+210) at Philadelphia(-250)

The Pick: Philadelphia(-250)

Philly has to be favoured at home, Nets showing signs of improvement of late.



Boston(-150) at Washington(+130)

The Pick: Boston(-150)

Celts should roll on here, but both teams a bit beat up so this isn’t a gimmie.




Portland(+135) at Memphis(-155)

The Pick: Memphis(-155)

Both teams are scuffling, give the Griz a slight edge at home with the Blazers on a back to back, but not a lit in this one.



Oklahoma City(-135) at New Orleans(+115)

The Pick: New Orleans(+115)

Flip a coin here, OKC appears to be rolling again, while NO is tough at home and due for a win on their alternating pattern.




Atlanta(+350) at Dallas(-450)

The Pick: Dallas(-450)

Mavs have been very tough at home and should roll on here, Hawks coming off a solid win v Denver which does give one a slight pause on this line.



Miami(+300) at Utah(-360)

The Pick: Miami(+300)

Jazz ahould be favoured at home, but this line is too much for me given the inconsistencies of both teams.



Minnesota(-160) at Sacramento(+140)

The Pick: Sacramento(+140)

Wolves are the more talented team but have really struggled on the road this year, while the young Kings continue to surprise.



Toronto(+250) at Golden State(-300)

The Pick: Toronto(+250)

Warriors seem to be rolling again, but this is a tough test v Toronto.




Last Night: 1-2 and down 1 unit
This Month: 36-40 and down 23.7 units
Season: 181-214 and down 66.8 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NHL December 12th Selections

Vegas(-145) at NY Islanders(+125)

The Pick: NY Islanders(+125)

G Lehner is a bit of a wildcard, Isles aren’t as good at Barclays, but the did beat Vegas here earlier.




Pittsburgh(-180) at Chicago(+162)

The Pick: Pittsburgh(-180)

Pit has hardly been a juggernaut, but I have to go with them v an ice cold Hawks team on a back to back with travel.




Philadelphia(+150) at Calgary(-170)

The Pick: Calgary(-170)

Flames should get this done at home v inconsistent Flyers.


Dallas(-110) at Anaheim(-110)

The Pick: Anaheim(-110)

Flip a coin here, this will be a lot of fun, give the Ducks a slight edge at home but this could go either way.


Last Night: 7-3 and up 5.1 units
This Month: 46-33 and up 8.06 units
Season: 217-198 and down 11.22 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NHL December 11th Selections

Arizona(+155) at Boston(-175)

The Pick: Boston(-175)

Beees have owned Ari of late, but both teams are beat up so this isn’t a gimmie; Bees also getting better goaltending, although of late Ari is riding a hot rookie goalie.




Los Angeles(+144) at Buffalo(-159)

The Pick: Buffalo(-159)

Flip a coin here, both teams are cold, but Sabres have been tough at home so I will give them a slight edge.




Toronto(-135) at Carolina(+115)

The Pick: Carolina(+115)

Tough call, both teams a little knicked up, Tor has more offensive potential but Carolina beat them 4-1 here earlier this year.




Vancouver(+180) at Columbus(-220)

The Pick: Vancouver(+180)

Not going near this line given Jackets recent struggles at home, never mind Canucks starting to heat up again.




Detroit(+225) at Washington(-265)

The Pick: Detroit(+225)

Washington should have the edge at home, however Wings riding a hot goalie so I don’t like this line.



Florida(-105) at St Louis)(-115)

The Pick: St Louis(-115)

Flip a coin as both teams are cold, I will go with the Blues at home, but without much enthusiasm.



Ottawa(+210) at Nashville(-260)

The Pick: Nashville(-260)

Hate this line, but Nashville should be favoured at home v road – challenged Sens, they need to tighten up on D however.




Montreal(+145) at Minnesota(-165)

The Pick: Montreal(+145)

Habs have been playing well but have been bumslaying, Wild struggling but have been better at home than on the road, so this could go either way.



Chicago(+200) at Winnipeg(-240)

The Pick: Winnipeg(-240)

Hate the line, however Jets have to be favoured as Hawks are a mess right now.




Edmonton(+130) at Colorado(-150)

The Pick: Edmonton(+130)

This will be a lot of fun, Edm playing with confidence under Hitch, Avs suddenly giving up a lot of goals.




Last Night: 3-1 and up 2 units
This Month: 39-30 and up 2.96 units
Season: 210-195 and down 16.32 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NBA December 11th Selections

Portland(+220) at Houston(-260)

The Pick: Portland(+220)

Rockets struggling too much to trust here, can Blazers take improved play on the road?



Phoenix(+750) at San Antonio(-1200)

The Pick: Phoenix(+750)

Spurs should avenge an eariler loss in the desert, but have been way to inconsistent to trust on this kind of a line, even though the Suns could also be gassed from schedule issues.



Toronto(-160) at LA Clippers(+140)

The Pick: Toronto(-160)

Raps are healhier and scuffling a bit less than the Clips, but this isn’t a gimmie.



Last Night: 7-4 and up 3 units
This Month: 35-38 and down 22.7 units
Season: 180-212 and down 65.8 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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