FIFA World Cup June 24th Selections

England(-417) vs Panama(+1300)      Draw(+460)

The Pick: England(-417)

This should be the Three Lions, Panama didn’t show anything its first time out.


Japan(+235) vs Senegal(+130)          Draw (+220)

The Pick: Sengal(+130)

Both teams coming off of upsets, I still see the same problems with Japan but I am surprised they are not favoured, I will go with the Africans here, however the Draw could certainly be in play.


Poland(+225) vs Columbia(+126)     Draw(+225)

The Pick: Columbia(+126)

Both teams were upset in their openers, the South Americans are more likely to bounce back positively, although the draw might well be in play here as well.


Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB June 23rd Selections

Oakland(Mengden) at Chicago White Sox(Covey)

The Pick: Chicago White Sox(-110)

A’s are scuffling a tad and the Sox actually have the SP edge here.


Texas(Gallardo) at Minnesota(Odorizzi)

The Pick: Minnesota(-140)

I will go with the Twins at home on SP, it can’t be any worse than last night can it?


Miami(T.Richards) at Colorado(T. Anderson)

The Pick: Colorado(-180)

I will go with the Rockies at home, but this could go either way.


Philadelphia(Nola) at Washington(Fedde)

The Pick: Philadelphia(-110)

Phillies should be favoured on SP.


Arizona(Greinke) at Pittsburgh(Musgrove)

The Pick: Pittsburgh(+110)

Arizona might well be favoured here with Greinke, but I am going with the home team in a coin flip.


San Diego(Lyles) at San Francisco(Suarez)

The Pick: San Francisco(-160)

Suarez has been on the rise of late, while Lyles has been going the other way, in any case the Padres don’t like to see LHSP’s.


St Louis(Mikolas) at Milwaukee(Ch.Anderson)

The Pick: St Louis(+100)

This should be the Cards, but where have the bats gone?


Baltimore(Bundy) at Atlanta(Teheran)

The Pick: Atlanta(-115)

Another coin flip game here, will go with Atlanta to bounce back at home.


Chicago Cubs(Farrell) at Cincinnati(DeSclafani)

The Pick: Cincinnati(-105)

DeSclafani hasn’t been anything special but the Cubs bats have cooled and they are runnning an ER starter out there today so I will ride the Reds at home.


NY Yankees(S.Gray) at Tampa Bay(Font)

The Pick: Tampa Bay(+150)

I would normally avoid the Rays bullpen days, but with Gray on the hill for the Yanks going to stay away from the line.


Detroit(Liriano) at Cleveland(Bauer)


Tribe should get this done, but it is never a gimmie v Liriano.


Seattle(Leake) at Boston(E.Rodriguez)

The Piick: Boston(-160)

Leake slowing getting better, but don’t like his chances at Fenway.


Kansas City(Kennedy) at Houston(McCullers Jr)

The Pick: Kansas City(+270)

Astros should bounce back, Kennedy has been cursed this year, hopefully Astros bats will get going however this line is silly.


LA Dodgers(Kershaw) at NY Mets(deGrom)

The Pick: LA Dodgers(-130)

Note the pitching change for the Mets, will go with the Dodgers as a surprising underdog.


Toronto(Stroman) at LA Angels(Barria)

The Pick: LA Angels(-135)

I Like Barria to bounce back as Stroman has been unable to figure it out this season.


Yesterday: 10-6 and up 4.21 units
This Month: 126-134 and down 22.34 units
Season: 559-494 and down 26.1 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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MLB June 22nd Selections

Oakland(Manaea) at Chicago White Sox(G1)(Shields)

The Pick: Oakland(-126)

A’s should be favoured here v Shields.


Philadelphia(Eflin) at Washington(Roark)

The Pick: Philadelphia(+135)

Nats a bit shaky and Roark hasn’t had much luck so far so I will stay away.


Arizona(Corbin) at Pittsburgh(Nova)

The Pick: Arizona(-122)

Arizona has the big SP edge here.


Seattle(LeBlanc) at Boston(S.Wright)

The Pick: Boston(-135)

Will go with the Knuckleballer at home, but they are always wildcards.


Detroit(Fiers) at Cleveland(Bieber)

The Pick: Cleveland(-200)

SP is a wash, but the Tribe are too hot to ignore.


Chicago Cubs(Quintana) at Cincinnati(Castillo)

The Pick: Cincinnati(+130)

Will ride the Reds here and stay away from the line.


LA Dodgers(A.Wood) at NY Mets(Wheeler)

The Pick: LA Dodgers(-149)

LA has to be favoured here, will the bats show up?


NY Yankees(Sabathia) at Tampa Bay(Stanek)

The Pick: NY Yankees(-155)

He won’t be as dominate as he was last time out, but I still like Sabathia here v TB.


Baltimore(Cobb) at Atlanta(Newcomb)

The Pick: Atlanta(-170)

Braves have the big SP edge here.


Oakland(Bassitt) at Chicago White Sox(G2)(Giolito)

The Pick: Oakland(-126)

Bassit should get this done v Giolito


St Louis(Flaherty) at Milwaukee(Guerra)

The Pick: Milwaukee(-120)

Flip a coin here, will go with the Brewers at home.


Texas(M.Minor) at Minnesota(Romero)

The Pick: Minnesota(-108)

More ugly SP here, will go with the Twins at home.


Kansas City(Duffy) at Houston(Keuchel)

The Pick: Kansas City(+250)

Keuchel has been off so I will stay away from the big line.


Miami(Chen) at Colorado(J.Gray)

The Pick: Miami(+200)

SP is ugly, you want to go with the Rockies at home, but this line is silly for a Coors field game.


Toronto(Estrada) at LA Angels(Heaney)

The Pick: LA Angels(-155)

LA has the SP edge at home.


San Diego(C.Richard) at San Francisco(Stratton)

The Pick: San Francisco(-135)

Flip a coin here, will go with SF at home.


Yesterday: 5-4 and up .38 units
This Month: 116-128 and down 26.55 units
Season: 549-488 and down 30.31 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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FIFA World Cup June 23rd Selections

Belgium(-266) vs Tunisia(+950)   Draw(+405)

The Pick: Belgium(-266)

The Africans are game but will be outclassed here.


South Korea(+505)  vs Mexico(-142)     Draw(+273)

The Pick: Mexico(-142)

As tempting as it might be to play the Draw here, I think EL Tri just have too much for the Koreans to deal with, but they will not be an easy out.


Germany(-199) vs Sweden(+643)      Draw(+344)

The Pick: Germany(-199)

The Germans were caught offguard by the pace of the El Tri, but that won’t be an issue v Sweeden, the Germans do need to be much better in midfield.


Enjoy the games everybody!

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FIFA World Cup June 22nd Selections

Brazil(-417) vs Costa Rica(+1200) Draw(+460)

The Pick: Brazil(-417)

I hate the line, but Brazil have to get this done or they are in big trouble.


Nigeria(+190) vs Iceland(+160) Draw(+210)

The Pick: Iceland(+160)

The Islanders discipline will be too much for the Eagles here.


Serbia(+165) vs Switzerland(+189) Draw(+197)

The Pick: Draw(+197)

Switzerland should likely be favoured here, but Serbia will not be an easy out, the Draw is in play here.


Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB June 21st Selections

Seattle(Paxton) at NY Yankees(Severino)

The Pick: Seattle(+180)

Flip a coin here, will go with the M’s as a big underdog.


Boston(Porcello) at Minnesota(Gibson)

The Pick: Minnesota(+115)

I will ride the Twins at home, SP is a wash.


NY Mets(Matz) at Colorado(Freeland)

The Pick: Colorado(-140)

This should be the Rockies at home behind Freeland, Mets are the worst in the League v LHSP`s this season, but nothing is a given at Coors.


Baltimore(Gausman) at Washington(Scherzer)

The Pick: Washington(-300)

Hate the line, Nats have the SP edge, but that didn`t help them last night.


Arizona(Godley) at Pittsburgh(Kuhl)

The Pick: Pittsburgh(-102)

Pit has the SP edge at home.


Chicago Cubs(Hendricks) at Cincinnati(Harvey)

The Pick: Chicago Cubs(-160)

Cubs have the big SP edge here.


Oakland(Bassitt) at Chicago White Sox(Giolito)

The Pick: Oakland(-145)

Bassit gets a real chance at the winners circle here v Giolito.


St Louis(C.Martinez) at Milwaukee(Suter)

The Pick: Milwaukee(-114)

I like Suter to continue is mini-run at home v the Cards.


Toronto(Aa.Sanchez) at LA Angels(Skaggs)

The Pick: LA Angels(-155)

Tough call here, Sanchez has been hot but I will go with the Angels at home.


San Diego(T.Ross) at San Francisco(Bumgarner)

The Pick: San Francisco(-150)

I Like SF at home behind Bum, but they have to get the bats going.

Yesterday: 3-10 and down 8.49 units
This Month: 111-124 and down 26.93 units
Season: 544-484 and down 30.69 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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CFL Week #2 Selections

Tonight 7:30 PM 4:30 PT

Saskatchewan(+115) at Ottawa(-135) -2.5

The Pick: ML Saskatchewan(+115) Vs Spread Saskatchewan +2.5

No reason the Green Riders shouldn’t roll on here, Ottawa is beat up already on the OL so I will wait and see on them for now.


Friday 7:00 PM ET 4 PM PT

Winnipeg(-130) at Montreal(+110) 2

The Pick: ML Winnipeg(-130) Vs Spread Winnipeg -2

I like the Bombers to get this done sans weather delays this time, Als are still trying to figure it out.


Friday 10 PM ET 7 PM PT

Hamilton(+210) at Edmonton(-260) -7

The Pick: ML Edmonton(-260) Spread Hamilton +7

The Esks should get this done, not sure I trust them to cover a TD on the road.


Saturday 7 PM ET 4 PM PT

Calgary(-165) at Toronto(+145) 3.5

The Pick: ML Calgary(-165) Vs Spread Calgary +3.5

The Argos should be better this week but it might not show against clearly the best team in the league.

Last Week: ML 3-1 Vs Spread 2-2 and overall 1.85 units.

Enjoy the games everybody!


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