October 16th Selections

Tampa Bay at Detroit

The Pick: Detroit(+110)

Coin flip game, nothing between these two team other than TB has owned the Wings of late, both teams playing well, will go with Det as a home dog plus I think the new rink might change things.

Last Night: 2-1 and up .72 units
Season: 42-37 and down 2.68 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NHL October 15th Selections

Boston at Vegas

The Pick: Vegas(+125)

Tough call, Bos on a back to back but had easy game last night, will go with Vegas at home but this could go either way.


Buffalo at Anaheim

The Pick: Anaheim(-153)

Coin flip game, both teams cold, Anaheim is beat up but will go with them as Buffalo is on a back to back.


NY Islanders at Los Angeles

The Pick: Los Angeles(-140)

Both teams are on back to backs coming off of a win, have to ride hot LA at home.

Last Night: 10-4 and up 6.75 units
Season: 40-36 and down 3.4 units

Enjoy the games everybody!


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NHL October 14th Selections

Toronto at Montreal

The Pick: Toronto(-105)

Coin flip game, Habs have had a hex on Toronto, but are not scoring goals much, Toronto is scoring but giving them up as well.


St Louis at Tampa Bay

The Pick: Tampa Bay(-140)

Neither team playing much defense, will go with TB at home, but without much confidence.


New Jersey at NY Rangers

The Pick: New Jersey(+135)

Coin flip game, New Jersey is the better team at the moment, don’t be fooled by the last game, Was can make a lot of teams look bad.


Washington at Philadelphia

The Pick: Washington(+105)

Hot Caps should roll on here, Philly has been giving up as many goals as they have been scoring.


Florida at Pittsburgh

The Pick: Florida(+145)

Line is too high for me considering this is a coin flip game, give Pit a slight edge at home, but not that much.


Carolina at Winnipeg

The Pick: Winnipeg(-120)

Tough call, I will go with the Jets at home over the rested ‘Canes.


Colorado at Dallas

The Pick: Colorado(+175)

Line is silly condsidering Dallas hasn’t figured it out on offense yet.


Columbus at Minnesota

The Pick: Columbus(-105)

Wild have never lost a home opener, but are beat up enough this could well be the first.


Nashville at Chicago

The Pick: Chicago(-140)

Hawks should get this done at home.


Boston at Arizona

The Pick: Boston(-115)

Ari might be the cure for what ails Boston, they are having goaltending and defensive issues.


Ottawa at Edmonton

The Pick: Ottawa(+170)

This will be fun, going to ride the hot Sens as Edm has been oddly shaky thus far.


Calgary at Vancouver

The Pick: Calgary(-115)

I like the Flames to bounce back after a brutal outing last night, Canucks are really struggling.


Buffalo at Los Angeles

The Pick: Los Angeles(-185)

Line is high, but Kings should get this done at home v struggling Sabres


NY Islanders at San Jose

The Pick: San Jose(-130)

Tough call, will go with the Sharks at home as the Isles havn’t figured it out yet.

Last Night: 1-4 and down 4 units
Season: 30-32 and down 10.15 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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MLB NLCS Selection

Chicago Cubs at LA Dodgers

This could easily go either way, but I am going to use the same logic I applied to the Cubs/Washington Series, give me the team that has done over the team that hasn’t.

The Pick: Cubs in 6 Games.

Enjoy the Series everybody!

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NCAA Football October 14th Selections

Arkansas at Alabama -30

The Pick: Arkansas +30

The line is too much to swallow as the Hogs will be bombing away trying to keep up, but the win won’t be an issue as the Hogs will wear down late


Auburn at LSU 6.5

The Pick: Auburn -6.5

This will be more of a fight than you think, but Auburn will wear down LSU late


Georgia Tech at Miami(Fl) -7

The Pick: Georgia Tech +7

Tech is rested and Miami is beat up. Although the ‘Canes are athletic enough on defence to handle the option, Tech will wear them down and steal this one.


Texas A&M at Florida -3

The Pick: Texas A&M +3

The injuries and suspensions will catch up with the Gators here as A&M steals this with defense and just enough offence


Florida State at Duke 6.5

The Pick: Florida State -6.5

FSU gets this done late, but it will not be pretty.


NC State at Pittsburgh 12

The Pick: NC State -12

This should be State in a walk, but they have played to the level of their opposition so this is not a confident pick.


Michigan at Indiana 6.5

The Pick: Michigan -6.5

Wolverines should take out their fustrations on the Hoosiers, who can’t seem to stop fumbling but at least have an almost legit defence now.


TCU at Kansas State 4.5

The Pick: TCU -4.5

Everything you need to do to beat K-State, TCU does very well.


Texas Tech at West Virginia -3.5

The Pick: West Virginia -3.5

This will be fun, Tech won’t get the WVU mistakes it needs to steal this one.


Kansas at Iowa State -20.5

The Pick: Kansas +20.5

Iowa State being Iowa State they won’t cover this, but barring a complete meltdown the win should be there at home.


UConn at Temple -10

The Pick: UConn +10

Temple isn’t great but I think they have enough to get the home win, unlike last week, their opponet actually has an offence so I don’t trust them to cover.


BYU at Mississippi State -22.5

The Pick: Mississippi State -22.5

This has me a little nervous because State hasn’t been great on offence, but I think this will turnout to be a confidence builder that they need big time.


South Carolina at Tennessee -2.5

The Pick: South Carolina +2.5

You never know what to expect out of SC, but the one thing they don’t do is turn the ball over, so I like them to steal this one v a shaky Vols squad.


Rutgers at Illinois -2.5

The Pick: Illinois -2.5

This will be UGLY, but Illinois will continue Rutgers pain with a close win at home.


Eastern Michigian at Army -5.5

The Pick: Army -5.5

This is a bad matchup for EMU, they don’t have a ball control game and Army does, so the EMU passing attack won’t be on the field enough to keep up.


Boston College at Louisville -21.5

The Pick: Boston College +21.5

Both teams will be running so I don’t think the cover is there, Cards should get the win at home.


UNLV at Air Force -7.5

The Pick: Air Force -7.5

Air Force gets this done late, but no marks for artistic impression.


Old Dominion at Marshall -16.5

The Pick: Marshall -16.5

ODU doesn’t have the chops on either side of the ball to keep up with the Herd.


Oklahoma at Texas(at Dallas) 7.5

The Pick: Texas +7.5

This is a very tough call, given what happened to OU last week, but my gut tells me Texas steals this with defence and the ball control game, but it will be close no matter which way it goes.


Purdue at Wisconsin -16

The Pick: Purdue +16

Whisky will wear down Purdue late at home, but Purdue’s D will keep them in the game longer than you think.


Baylor at Oklahoma State -25.5

The Pick: Baylor +25.5

Baylor has enough to keep from getting embarrassed, but won’t be able to keep up for 60 minutes.


Virginia at North Carolina 4

The Pick: Virginia -4

UNC hasn’t figured it out yet, Cavs won’t have the meltdown the ‘Heels need to steal this one.

Northwestern at Maryland 3

The Pick: Maryland +3

Don’t get cute here, the Terps might be on the 4th QB, but Illinois hasn’t been close this year and it won’t change on the East Coast.


Vanderbilt at Mississippi -3

The Pick: Vanderbilt +3

Vandy’s defence is legit, and I think the run game gets going just enough to let Vanderbilt steal this one from a Rebel side that can’t run the ball.


Akron at Western Michigan -13.5

The Pick: Western Michigan -13.5

Akron doesn’t have the offensive chops necessary to hang with WMU, even though the Broncos aren’t what they were last year.


Miami(OH) at Kent State 9.5

The Pick: Miami(OH) -9.5

Kent St hasn’t found an offence yet, so the Redhawks should get this done even though they have been struggling.


Northern Illinois at Buffalo 4

The Pick: Buffalo +4

This will be tough, but UNI will grind out an ugly win.


Ohio at Bowling Green 9.5

The Pick: Ohio -9.5

Don’t be fooled by what BG did last week, Ohio is still the better team by a margin.


Toledo at Central Michigan 8

The Pick: Toledo -8

Toledo should roll on here, Central has been inconsistent at best.


Navy at Memphis -4

The Pick: Navy +4

Navy does what Navy does, namely not letting the other team’s offence get on the field enough, and adds another ugly win to the pile.


Colorado at Oregon State 11.5

The Pick: Colorado -11.5

State’s coaching change won’t make enough of a difference right away, Buffs should have their way in this one.


Houston at Tulsa 13.5

The Pick: Houston -13.5

The Cougars will get this done, but it won’t be the blowout you might think.


Charlotte at Western Kentucky -17

The Pick: Charlotte +17

WKU offence is sputtering enough I don’t like the cover, but the win shouldn’t be an issue


Wyoming at Utah State -3

The Pick: Wyoming +3

Coin flip game, I don’t think Wyoming will make the mistakes the Aggies will need to win this.


Appalachian State at Idaho 13

The Pick: Idaho +13

Way too many points for App State to cover, but they should get the ugly win as Idaho has struggled on offence and I don’t think they have enough to defend home turf.


Georgia State at Louisiana-Monroe -7

The Pick: Louisiana-Monroe -7

State has been hot, but they haven’t seen the likes of the ULM offence, and won’t have the answers.


New Mexico State at Georgia Southern 8

The Pick: New Mexico State -8

Southern doesn’t do the option well enough to overcome the lack of a passing game, and the D has been shaky.


Middle Tennessee at UAB 4.5

The Pick: UAB +4.5

Coin flip game here, will go with UAB at home.


East Carolina at Central Florida -34

The Pick: East Carolina +34

That is an awful lot of points to cover, but the win will not be an issue for UCF.


UTSA at North Texas 3

The Pick: North Texas +3

This will be a shootout, I will go with the better offence in North Texas at home.


UTEP at Southern Mississippi -22.5

The Pick: UTEP +22.5

UTEP found a defense last week so the cover is dicey for me, but as the offence is not yet working Southen Miss should get the win at home.


Tulane at Florida International 13.5

The Pick: Florida International +13.5

FIU won’t be able to handle the option, but Tulane isn’t good enough to blow most teams out.


Coastal Carolina at Arkansas State -19

The Pick: Arkansas State -19

Carolina hasn’t shown yet that it can be competitive.


Missouri at Georgia -30.5

The Pick: Georgia -30.5

Only danger here is Dawgs lose focus, Missouri won’t have any answers


Ohio State at Nebraska 24

The Pick: Ohio State -24

Nebraska doesn’t figure to get their issues fixed v the Buckeyes


Cincinnati at South Florida -24.5

The Pick: South Florida -24.5

The cover is iffy, but USF won’t gag on the layup win at home.


Utah at USC -13

The Pick: Utah +13

USC gets this done late in a battle of the run games, forget about the cover.


Michigan State at Minnesota 4

The Pick: Michigan State -4

Bad matchup for the Gophers, as they want to play the same way as State, State just does it better and will grind out a tougher than you think win on the road.


UCLA at Arizona -1.5

The Pick: UCLA +1.5

This will be a fight, stopping the run has been an issue for the Bruins which is a problem v Ari, but given rest and time to prepare I think they get this done.


New Mexico at Fresno State -2.5

The Pick: New Mexico +2.5

It will be a fight, but a rested Lobo squad will get the run game going at Fresno.


Nevada at Colorado State -24.5

The Pick: Nevada +24.5

The Wolfpack have at least found an offence so I don’t think the cover is there, but the Rams should get this done at home.


Boise State at San Diego State -7

The Pick: San Diego State -7

This will be more of a fight than SD would like, but they should get it done at home v a inconsistent Boise team.


Washington at Arizona State 17

The Pick: Arizona State +17

Rested and with time to prepare, State will put up a fight but the Huskies get it done late


Oregon at Stanford -10.5

The Pick: Oregon +10.5

This will be a battle of the run games so I don’t like the cover, Stanford should get it done late v a backup QB


San Jose State at Hawai’i -17

The Pick: Hawai’i -17

The Rainbows shouldn’t screw this up at home, but after last week I am nervous about the cover.


Last Night: 2-0
Season: 170-137-5 and up 19.3 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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NHL October 13th Selections

Washington at New Jersey

The Pick: New Jersey(+125)

NJ might play their back up goalie, but I am going to ride them at home in a coin flip game that might be a shootout.


NY Rangers at Columbus

The Pick: Columbus(-145)

Will go with Columbus at home as the Rangers are still trying to figure things out.


Anahiem at Colorado

The Pick: Anahiem(-120)

I wanted to go with Colorado at home, but with Bernier in goal instead of Big V I will stay away.


Ottawa at Calgary

The Pick: Calgary(-150)

Line is a little high, but I like the Flames at home, Sens haven’t had much luck so far.


Detroit at Vegas

The Pick: Vegas(-130)

Have to ride Vegas at home, but this is a coin flip to me.

Last Night: 3-4 and down 1.5 units
Season: 29-28 and down 6.15 units

Enjoy the games everybody!

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CFL Week #17 Selections

Tonight 7 PM ET Calgary at Hamilton 10 51.5

Calgary should roll on here, unless thay are too bored to pay attention.

The Pick: Calgary -10 Over 51.5


Tonight 10 PM ET Ottawa at Saskatchewan -3 50.5bc

Don’t overreact to last week, I like the Green Riders to get this done at home.

The Pick: Saskatchewan -3 Over 50.5


Saturday 4 PM ET BC at Winnipeg -7 N/A

Coin flip type game, will go with the Bombers at home.

The Pick: Winnipeg -7 N/A


Saturday 7 PM ET Toronto at Edmonton -7 54

I like the Esks to get this done at home, but this isn’t a gimmie by any means.

The Pick: Edmonton -7 Under 54

Last Week: Vs Spread 2-2(1-3 SU) Totals 1-3
Season: Vs Spread 33-30-1 Totals 31-32-1 and overall down 1 unit

Enjoy the games everybody!

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